CA & CMA Gulshan Gullu has taken Objection to the speech by Hon Dy. CM and fellow CMA Brajesh Pathak targeting Chartered Accountants and requested President of Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI-CMA) to clarify whether the Institute endorse the statement of the speaker or not.



CMA P. Raju Iyer
Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI-CMA)
The Institute Of Cost Accountants Of India
12, Sudder Street ,KolKata — 700016

Subject: Objection to the speech by Hon Dy. CM and fellow CMA Brajesh Pathak targeting Chartered Accountants

Dear Sir.

Please accept my greetings for your commendable leadership and the visionary steps you and your council peers have taken to increase the professional opportunities for fellow Cost and Management Accountants.

I am both a Chartered Accountant and a Cost & Management Accountant. I have had the privilege to be member of two of the World’s best professional institutes. I feel proud every time I identify myself as a CA and/ or CMA. I am grateful to both my alma maters for not only giving me World class education but also inculcating in me professional ethics which form the cornerstone of my professional life.

However. I have been paid watching a recently held programme chaired by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and fellow CMA Shri Brajesh Pathak ji where he gave a speech making direct derogatory remarks about Chartered Accountants. What pained me more was that Hon’ble dignitaries seated on the dais and hundreds of CMA members seated in the audience clapped while Shri Brajesh Pathak ji ridiculed the Chartered Accountants and Chartered Accountancy profession. Needless to state. it was extremely unfortunate that a programmed organized by a professional institute turned into a programme to make baseless criticism of another professional institute and their members. I have been a proud Cost and Management Accountant but it is not acceptable to make derogatory remarks on members of other profession.

I am writing this letter to you to convey my strongest objection to the said programme particularly the remarks made by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Brajesh Pathak and the reaction by the dignitaries seated on the dais and members seated in the audience. I also believe that a clarification should be given by your good self stating clearly that the Institute doesn’t endorse the statement of the speaker. In the even that such a clarification is not tendered by your good office, I would assume that those unfortunate remarks of the learned speaker has the endorsement of your good self. in which case, as a token of protest, I would surrender my membership of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Assuring you of my sincerest considerations!

Yours sincerely,

Gulshan Gullu

Objection to the speech by Hon Dy. CM and fellow CMA Brajesh Pathak targeting Chartered Accountants

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  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    The Comments of Mr. Brijesh Pathak is made against our profession and not on an Individual, there is nothing wrong if Tax Guru publish an article on this matter.

  2. Tanuja says:

    CAs and CA students troll CMA everywhere on twitter and everywhere
    No CA stand like this against them.l as they are more in number and hAve unity Not only on social media but in person also I fave this degradation of out Curriculum, Degree and Institute There is nothing that I am supporting hate speech against anyone, I respect every profession
    But the students and CAs make “Raai ka pahaad” everywhere.

  3. Srinivasan v says:

    Yes there are social media forum to express the feelings..The education or software mode channels need not be allowed to be used. With due regards

  4. Vishal Bafna says:

    It is not political, it is just giving platform to members of the profession and let the viewers know that all this is happening.

  5. Surajit says:

    Really!! This kind of comparison always goes and at times CMAs have been mocked or their profession has been maligned why should this meaningless controversy be brought here

  6. R. H. Mody. says:

    Mr. Gulshan Gullu is absolutely right for his objection raised and it is also essential to publish it in TaxGuru so that other fellow members can come to know about the attitude and behaviour of a dignitaries like Shri Brijesh Pathak.

  7. Poonam Shah says:

    I thought Tax Guru website is for publishing news about the laws and act but by reading this article it seems this is a political website. If one person is writing such letter how it matters to the readers of your website? Please stop posting such news if you want to maintain your reputation among readers.

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