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CA Snehal N. Tanna

If you will not believe in yourself, then who will ??

It is not like thinking about world will follow you, it is about you will lead.

One can have a role model for an inspiration but still I believe that nothing can change anything unless and until you do not get a voice from your heart to do anything or to achieve anything.

An inner voice of a soul is louder than anything in the whole universe.

One can firmly listen and get motivation from his/her own voice of a soul which no one can give.

Whoever and whatever is inspiring you, nothing can be effective if you do not want to inspire yourself.

If your heart will not permit, your mind will not follow to anyone.

Everyone must have a spirit to get motivated byself at every stage of life whether as a student, as a professional or as a human being also.

To get inspiration from ourselves, we need not have to fo so far, it is inside us only.

To give inspiration to others is easy, but to to get for self is difficult. It is as like as to give advice is easy but to follow advice is a different.

People attend the motivational workshops and seminars to get out of the stressed life. They get the inspiration and motivation also. It definitely works but it is because you have convienced your mind to listen, learn, analysed and inspired from that.

Self Motivation is not only about Self Confidence, it is about to get out of the situation from where you could think to can not move further.

There are lots of books, websites, quotes available on this topic but again it will not work if your heart will not get convienced to accept whatever these things are trying to say.

I can is a Self Confidence but it will be converted into Self Motivation by I will.

Some people thoght it is a Soft Skill, some say it is a Technique, some say it is a State of Mind but I wll say It is just You and Yourself Who Can and Who Will not to prove to anyone but to be proven to yourself to not to prove to anyone.

S – Strength of Soul

E – to Evaluate

L – a Life and

F – to be Found

M – by My

O – Own

T – Thoughts

I – to get an Inspiration

V – at Various Stages

A – Amazingly

T – Towards the goal

I – for Inside Piece

O – Over and Out of the world

N – But Never Without My Permission

(Author can be reached at snehaltanna14@gmail.com)


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