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Preksha ChorariaAlmost a month left for your exams and vagabond thoughts already filing up your minds and occluding your senses. This is the time when you start struggling with your beloved books, your family and of course yourself. You are all messed up. 8 months gone in a wink of an eye and you still find yourself nowhere. But trust me you have covered 80% of your journey, just an extra effort for remaining journey required. Majority of you who were planning to give both the groups of CA exams may have already switched to one group. On one side discouragement hovering you all around and on the other side family and peer pressure ruining your mental strength. In this time I would accentuate certain tips that will help you sail through this phase:-

  1. Empty your mind which is huddled with umpteen miscellaneous thoughts and start heeding to yourself.
  2. Disregard pressure exerted by external environment but do perceive your inner voice.
  3. Surrendering without fighting back is inacceptable. You are like a lamp which needs to be kindled even in furious storm.
  4. For this last month brush off everything and let everything go. Just be loyal to your goals.
  5. Read, learn, reiterate and revise what is already finished by you in these 8 months. Don’t attempt new topics now.
  6. We prefer going for marks oriented study and that’s what sounds practical too. But what I will suggest is study for getting excellence and grip on a particular subject.

It is rightly said by Jim Morrison-

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors of perception.”

You know where you stand and what you have achieved. Yes, you don’t know the outcome of your efforts. The problem with us is that we start counting the eggs before it hatches.  Let the door of perception be closed in your case and do what you ought to be doing and leave the rest on your “Hard Work”. All the best.

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