prpri Major initiatives by ICSI for safe Conduct of CS Exam Major initiatives by ICSI for safe Conduct of CS Exam

Company Secretaries of India
Statutory body under an Act of Parliament
(Under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

Dated: 3rd DECEMBER, 2020


[Major initiatives taken by the Institute for the benefit of Candidates for Conduct of CS Examinations, December, 2020 in view of COVID-19 Pandemic]

In view of the prevalent situation, the Institute is taking all possible measures for conducting CS Examinations scheduled to be held from 21st December to 30th December, 2020 in most safe and secured manner.


SOP on preventive measures shall be followed to contain spread of COVID-19 during conduct of CS examinations. Following measures are being taken by the Institute and shall be observed by all (staff, students and parents) at the Examination Centres :


i. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet shall be followed as far as feasible. Seating of candidates in each examination room has been reduced to 12 candidates from the standard practice of seating 25 candidates earlier so that adequate social distancing can be maintained.

ii. Use of face covermasks made mandatory for all. It should be properly worn covering mouth and nose throughout the ti me spent at Examination Centre.

iii. Practice of frequent hand washing with soap and/or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (for at least 20 seconds) has been made mandatory for all at examination centres.

iv. Respiratory etiquette shall strictly be followed at all examination centres. This involves strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing off used tissues properly.

v. Self-monitoring of health shall be compulsory for all candidates and reporting of the same by submitting a ‘Self Declaration’ about their health status to the Superintendent of Examinations

vi. Spitting shall be strictly prohibited.


( i ) All examination centres have been established outside the containment zones.

(ii) The Institute has provided for additional staff strength, additional accommodation, sanitization, hygiene and maintenance of social distancing for containment of COV I D-19 during conduct of CS examinations, December, 2020 at examination centres.

(iii) Entry of the candidates in the examination hall shall be done in staggered manner and shall commence one hour before the actual exam timing. Candidates are also allowed to leave examination hall / centre one hour after commencement of examination after fulfilling necessary requirements.

(iv) Seating capacity at examination centres have been adequately increased to maintain social distancing. Now, in each examination room 12 candidates shall be seated as against the earlier practice of seating 25 candidates in the past.

(v) No. of examination centres have been significantly increased. No. of Examination centres in CS Examination, December, 2019 Session was 172 whereas No. of Examination centres for CS Examinations December, 2020 Session increased to 262 for maintaining adequate social distancing.

(vi) Necessary arrangements of face covermasks and other items like hand sanitizers, soap, sodium hypochlorite solution, etc. shall be made at all the Examination centers for use by the personnel on duty as well as students, as per requirements. However, all are required to properly wear own face cover / face mask before entering into the examination hall.

(vii) Candidates are required to submit “Self Declaration by Candidates” (as per format attached with the Admit Card), about their health status duly filled in and signed by them to the Superintendent of Examinations

(viii) Necessary instructions have been issued to the candidates by the Institute. These are also hosted on Institute’s website and it must be downloaded together with their Admit Card for the exami nation.

(ix) Instructions to Superintendent of Examination Centres, Instructions to Invigilators and Instructions to General Observers have been issued by the Institute.

(x) All precautions shall be taken with respect to wearing of face mask, social distancing and maintenance of hygiene at the examination centres. Candidates shall carry permitted items only into the examination hall and shall not be allowed to carry any other item(s).


(i) CS Examinations, June, 2020 were initially scheduled to be held from 1st to 10th June, 2020 which were re-scheduled to be held from 6th to 16th July, 2020. The examinations were again rescheduled to be held from 18th to 28th August, 2020. Thereafter, the June, 2020 Session of Examinations was merged with December, 2020 session of examinations.

(ii) The last date for submission of examination fee was extended upto 5th April, 2020 in place of 25th March, 2020(without late fee) and 15th April, 2020 in place of 9th April, 2020 (with late fee).

(iii) The last date for submission of exemption application on the basis of LL.B. and I CM AI final pass was extended from 9th April, 2020 to 15th April, 2020.

(iv) Late fee for submission of examination fee was waived.

(v) Considering the requests from the students, online window for submitting of Examination form was re-opened for two days, i.e., 22nd & 23rd April 2020 to facilitate students who could not fill exam form within stipulated time. The last date for submission of requests for qualification based exemption was again extended upto 23rd April, 2020.

(vi) The Institute allowed the candidates enrolled for June, 2020 examination to carry forward the credit of examination fee to December, 2020 examination and candidates were allowed to opt out from appearing in June, 2020 examination.

(vii) Students/Candidates who had submitted their examination form for the ICSI Examinations, June-2020 session were allowed to carry over all benefits available to them including payment of fee and subject-wise exemptions to December, 2020 Session of Examinations

(viii) The candidates enrolled for ICSI Examinations, June, 2020 session were allowed to change their Examination Centre, Module and/or Medium, etc., without payment of fee and were allowed to add module(s) with payment of differential examination fee for appearing in ICSI Examinations, December, 2020 within the stipulated period.

(ix) Benefit of Change in Module/Centre/Medium was granted till 9th October 2020 without payment of fee to the students who have enrolled during June, 2020 scion.

(x) Facility of addition of module for June, 2020 session granted to the candidates till 9th October 2020.

(xi) One more attempt has been granted under 2012 Old Syllabus for Executive & Professional Program students for June 2021 Session of Examination

(xii) Carry Forward of Examination Fee allowed to students from December, 2020 to June 2021 Session of Examination for which window was opened from 2nd November, 2020 to 6th November, 2020.

(xiii) Relaxation granted for complying with requirements of Pre-examination test and One Day Orientation Program for enrollment to Institute’s December 2020 exam scion.

(xiv) The total time period for filling online Examination Form for ICSI Examinations, December, 2020 was enhanced (remained open for two months as against one month) for the examination to be held from 21st December, 2020 as per the Examination Time-table for which candidates were allowed to enrol themselves by submitting online Examination Form together with requisite examination fee w.e.f. 26th July, 2020 till 25th September, 2020 (without late fee) and upto 9th October, 2020 (With late fee).

(xv) The facility of appearing under old syllabus for one more examination was extended to the candidates and accordingly the candidates of Executive Programme (Old Syllabus) and Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) provided one more opportunity to appear in theICSI Examinations to be held in December, 2020, as per their old Syllabus

(xvi) The benefit of appearing in following three elective subjects for one more examination was extended to the candidates and accordingly, candidates shall be examined as part of syllabus and course curriculum of Module-Ill of Professional Programme (New Syllabus – 2017) for ICSI Examinations, December, 2020 so as to provide one more opportunity to students applied for ICSI Examinations, June, 2020 scion and also the same opportunity has been extended to students enrolled for ICSI Examinations, December, 2020 session, in view of merging of ICSI Examinations, June-2020 Session with the ICSI Examinations, December, 2020 Session:

    • Forensic Audit (444)
    • Direct Tax Law and Practice (445)
    • Valuation and Business Modelling (447).

(xvii) Keeping in view the difficulties likely to be faced by the candidates in commuting long distance for appearing in the examination and to prevent overcrowding in the Examination Centres, new adhoc Examination Centres have been opened at the following places :

Sl. No. Region State City
1 East West Bengal South 24 Parganas
2 North Haryana Bhiwani
3 South Andhra Pradesh Nellore
4 South Karnataka Sirsi
5 South Karnataka Udupi
6 South Kerala Kannur
7 South Kerala Kollam
8 South Tamil Nadu Erode
9 South Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Dhar
10 West Madhya Pradesh
11 West Madhya Pradesh Katni
12 West Madhya Pradesh Ratlam
13 West Maharashtra Chandrapur
14 West Maharashtra Latur
15 West Maharashtra Nanded
16 West Maharashtra Palghar
17 West Maharashtra Raigad
18 West Gujarat Valsad
19 North Haryana Rohtak
20 West Madhya Pradesh Devas
21 South Tamil Nadu Thiruppur

(xviii) The Institute further decided to open the examination centres in Metro/ Mega cities in such a manner that the examination centrac should cover the different and maximum parts/areas of the cities and the distance for the candidate should be possibly the minimum. The Institute also decided to further divide Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata and Thane into zones and to increase the number of zones where zone(s) already exist in order to reduce the travelling time of examinees and overcrowding at the examination centres.

(xix) Apart from the above, new examination centres were also opened in the cities having existing examination centres. In all, No. of Examination Centres for CS Examinations, December, 2020 are 262 as against 172 Examination Centres in CS Examinations, December, 2019. Thus, 90 additional examination centres opened for CS Examinations, December, 2020.

(xx) The Institute has allowed Opt-out Option to the candidates enrolled for appearing in CS Examinations, December, 2020 on submission of their request in the prescribed Application cum Self-declaration Form together with COVID-19 positive test report of self or any immediate relative. COVID-19 positive test report of any date between 20th November, 2020 and 30th December, 2020 (both inclusive) would be compulsorily required to be attached alongwith Application cum Self-declaration Form for making Opt-out request which is to be submitted at a dedicated email ID created for the purpose. The last date of submitting request for Opt-out is 15th January, 2021. This Opt-out Option meant to help the candidates who could not appear in CS Examinations, December, 2020 due to COV I D-19 which will carry forward all benefits of the eligible candidates to next scion of examinations, i.e., CS Examinations, June-2021. Such candidates shall be allowed to appear in CS Examinations, June-2021 with all benefits without payment of fee. The details of Opt-out Option will be hosted on Institute’s website separately.

(xxi) The next examinations of Company Secretaries scheduled to be held in June-2021 will commence from 1″ June, 2021. Time-table will be hosted on Institute’s website separately.

(xxii) Other benefits extended to the Candidates:-

    • Extension of last date for compliance with the requirements of Pre-Exam Test and One Day Orientation Programme upto 30th April, 2020 (for enrollment to June 2020 scion of examination)
    • Extension of Last Date for Submission of Online Requests for Change of Centre/ Medium/ Module/ Cancellation of Exemption for June, 2020 Session of CS Examinations up to 5th June, 2020.
    • Last date for compliance with the requirements of Pre-Exam Test and One Day Orientation Programme (for enrollment to June 2020 session of examination) was extended upto 30th April, 2020, which was later on extended up to 31st May 2020. The same was further relaxed till 31′ August 2020.
    • Re-opening Window for submitting Change Request from 17th June to 30th June 2020.

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