Re: Election 2009 Inclusion of Internet/E-mail address in the List of Voters

As you may be aware, the next Elections to the Council and Regional Councils are scheduled to be held in the month of December 2009. For the purpose, a List of Voters as on 01.04.2009 is under preparation. As per Rule 6 read with clause (2) of Schedule 2 of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006, the List of Voters is required to contain the following particulars :-

  1. Whether the voter is an associate or a fellow;
  2. The address of each member as determined under rule 5 for deciding the eligibility to the member to vote;
  3. In the case of voters residing outside India, in addition to their address in India under clause (ii), their respective addresses outside India if furnished to the Institute by the voters concerned;
  4. Details of internet address or e-mail address as furnished by a voter to the Institute, provided an express consent is given by the voter for its inclusion in the list of voters;
  5. The manner in which the voter shall exercise his franchise; and
  6. In case the voter is to exercise his franchise at a polling booth, the number and address of the polling booth, at which the franchise shall be exercised.

In compliance with clause (iv) above, we hereby request you to kindly confirm by 12th August 2009 whether we can include your aforesaid particular(s) relating to Internet address/e-mail address in the said List of Voters.

In case your response does not reach to us by 12th August 2009, it shall be presumed that you have not expressed your consent for inclusion of the stated particular(s) and accordingly, the same shall not be included.

If you are desirous of consenting to the above, please mail the format given below duly filled in to :-

Consent for Inclusion of Internet address or E-mail Address in the List of Voters for the election to the Council and Regional Councils to be held in December, 2009

·I  offer my consent for inclusion of my internet address/e-mail address provided to the Institute in the List of Voters to be brought out for Election to the Council and Regional Councils to be held in December, 2009.

Name:_______ _________ _

Membership No. ____________ _

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