prpri ICAI Clarifies on Rumors of Reservations in CA course ICAI Clarifies on Rumors of Reservations in CA course


The Institute has come across certain messages that are being aired in social media that some persons have approached to the Court of Law seeking direction to the Institute for making provisions for reservation in the Chartered Accountancy course.

In this regard, it is hereby informed that as per the information available with the Institute, no such case has been instituted in any Court of Law by any person seeking direction to the Institute for making provision for reservation in Chartered Accountancy course as no notice has been received by the Institute till date.

The general public is hereby advised not to pay any heed to such messages as being circulated by unscrupulous persons.

Secretary, ICAI

Source- ICAI


After hearing such rumors on Social Media we have created a Poll on Our Twitter Handle and Result of the same is as follows:-


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  1. MD. YOUSUF says:

    The caption “Reservation in CA Course for Minorities and Backward Classes” is pretty misleading. Are there reservation for minorities in any educational courses under management of the Central Government ? Perhaps none. There should not be any reservation on the basis of minority/majority or caste. Economic backwardness can be the only criteria.

  2. A. Guhaneswaran says:

    If i am correct, there is already some reservation in admission of articles and hence there is no further requirement in passing and all, which is absurd. It will affect the quality of profession, which is already in doldrums because of callous attitude of BIG 4 MNCs.

  3. s r kumar says:

    are there no SC/ST candidate passing in First class ?
    Are all the higher caste candidate getting first class ?
    Reservation is given only to support theses category because of lack of financial and intellectual sources.
    there is nothing wrong in sharing but it should not go to a useless candidate among them. Choose the bright candidate and support we have not objection.

  4. Mihir says:

    Ca are not weak community nor disabled community who needs govt support for survival . Job reservation is good enough for weaker cas by castisium but not in study or pass percentage .

  5. Chaitanya Cherukuri says:

    Instead of reservations, better education system from childhood to CA clearance shall be provided to overcome their backward thinking. Backward classes and Minorities needs support, no one cany deny

  6. N SUDAKARAN says:

    Question of reservation arises wherever there is a limited number of seats to offer. But here any number of students can join CA. So until now there is huge demand for students why reservation is required. So question of reservation is uncalled for one. No where in this world reservation concept will be adopted to offer marks in exam and threshold marks required for pass is also not subjected to reservation concept. if this is requested it will be a barbaric state hood.

  7. RAJAGOPAL says:

    Reservation for course is not required. But it is required for allotment of audits. Still better to allot audit of private and public sectors to BS SC by CAG

  8. CA.Prabhakar says:

    Reservation in passing !!! Looks so absurd and un imaginable. A person seeking reservation might have realised that he cannot pass in normal situation , then why should he continue, let him go for some other easy courses. For God sake please put full stop for this concept in this initial stage itself. If it goes to the minds of dirty politicians who are surviving on these reservations they will make a havoc like a drop of poison in tasty milk. If this is obliged after passing their next demand will be reservation for doing audits. So much % of cos, and so much % tax audits should be done by reserved candidates only. To end these reservation games it seems only Kalki Bhagavan should take birth. Got worried where India is going?

  9. CA Neha Garg says:

    Give Reservation But think…. At what Cost…??
    At the cost of economy, at the cost of development…. at the cost of your Financials…
    & that too in the present scenario when everybody is ready to take any risk to save their money or financials….
    CA is a very dignified course which needs full dedication not reservation….

  10. Babu Lal Meena IRS says:

    In my opinion the reservation should be implemented in these courses too. When it is there in Law, Engineering, Medical, Civil Services and elsewhere, why not here. The weaker section deserve representation. About quality, no one is required to be worried. I have not come across any doctor causing negligence though he became doctor because of reservation benifit availed in education. The reservation will ensure equal opportunity to all citizens.
    Thanks all.

  11. CA Pravin D. lembe says:

    please keep this profession away from reservation otherwise it will send a very wrong message for the people who are pursuing this course and also for CA’s who have passed after so much hardwork.

  12. sridhar says:

    se 3Professional bodSin Politicians dont spoil at least theies (ICAI,ICSI,ICAI(CMA) Already you he done enough damage to the society and talent in the name of reservation.Let me ask a simple question, let a spaceship be designed newly,built exclusively by persons selected on reservation basis and pack it with these reservaion cryers and fire it to sky. There will be no voluntary getting in, i challenge.
    When these reservation crying people are personally affected have you ever seen these people go to the Doctor/Advocate etc. came on reservation?Never. At that time they need only talented doctor/advocate be it from north India!!!!


    Reservation is always only for admission and not for passing. One extra articled clerk, if SC/ST, is the reservation I think is in force

  14. Shine says:

    Relpy to Senthil,

    C.As are not serving to Nation , all frauds and tax evasions are being done in India by CAs or with their connivance. C.A lost its greatness since supports

  15. Krishna Kumaran Nair.T.R says:

    If a person can not get through C.A.Examination, the best thing he can do is, to do something else, which suits his capability. C.A. Education is not funded by any government, and therefore reservation has no place here. I am sure that, nobody will approach or give employment to a person who gets through C.A with the help of reservation. The number of reservation maniacs is increasing in our country.

  16. CA.S.Balaji says:

    Even in other professional courses like BE, MBBS etc., the quota system plays the role only at the entry level,. Once, entered, the passing requirments for getting the degree is same for all castes. There the entry level is tough. That is why such method is adopted, whereas, in CA, the entry is easy. So, no need for such quota system. But passing requirements should be kept as it is.

  17. CA.G.Sathyanarayana says:

    What kind of reservation?
    Seats for admission to the course? = available plenty
    Concession in admission fees? = already in force
    Relaxation in age for admission to the course?
    = No restriction on upper age limit
    Relaxation in passing marks? = 40% in each subject and aggregate of 50% is more than enough!!!. Are any other course has any relaxation for reservation candidates??????


    Reservation in professional course should not be there at all. I think to start with it should be withdrawn from other professional courses too. Financial aid alone should be given to person under Merit-cum-Means scheme.

  19. A senthil says:

    Nice. In India, The Reservation is a headache even after 60 years of Freedom. I think CA, CMA and ICS are the only courses that Reservation not yet interfered. Please let it be like this. Only the qualified persons come out through this Unique courses to serve the nation. Don’t Allow Reservation on this.Thank you.

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