It has been brought to our notice that while some voters from the Eastern India Regional Constituency have received the correct Election Circular, meant for the forthcoming elections to be held in December, 2009, containing the details of Polling Booth allotted to them, however, they have received along with that Circular letter, the wrong bio-data of candidates meant for the Western India Regional Constituency. 

Applicable to voters from Eastern India Regional Constituency:

While deeply regretting for the error, we would request such members to kindly intimate, via email, the following details to Shri Atis Basu, Senior Deputy Secretary, Kolkata Regional Office [email : Mobile : 93317 91596]  or Shri C.S. Ravi, Deputy Secretary/Shri Mahender Kumar, Deputy Secretary [ / Mobile : 93507 99942 / 93135 11451], so as to enable us to immediately arrange for issue of correct bio-data of candidates pertaining to their constituency:-

(1)              Name

(2)              Membership number

(3)              City/town name to which their professional address belong

Applicable to voters from other Regions:

In case a voter from any Region other than Eastern India Regional Constituency also receive a wrong bio-data of candidates, they may kindly send the aforementioned details, by email, to Shri C.S. Ravi, Deputy Secretary/Shri Mahender Kumar, Deputy Secretary at New Delhi [ / Mobile : 93507 99942 / 93135 11451] for issue of the correct bio-data of candidates.


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