Staying motivated, retaining work-life balance and video conference etiquette are just some of the challenges during work from home environment. Few tips listed below;

1. Work out to work well, Meditation or focus power;

Start 10 minutes a day and move up to 30 minutes but do it on daily to see results in 2-3 weeks. It is a powerful mental tool that increases your focus and output in tasks, enhances quality of decision making.

2. Action Skill, Plan / structure your work for the day;

Put down an execution plan with deadlines in your calendar. Planning and goal setting increase mental engagement with the learning. Noting and executing as per your calendar ensures action without having to remember commitments. By making a weekly to-do list, rather than a daily one is very important jobs.

3. Bathed, Dressed yourself, Regular Shaving as working for the job;

A cold shower can boost the mood and attention, Psychologists recommend to get dressed for work, Shaved, it helps to put the brain in work mode.

4. Protect Mental Health, Reducing ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts);

Avoidance and confrontation are two techniques that leave no space for ANT. Pause whenever have a negative thought, question it and reframe it positively to break its flow and to reclaim the life.

5. Place /Sit near a window;

Even the shortest distraction can kill the productivity. A view of trees or even a picture of scenery on wall can help. If find a room with a view of any kind of nature then this has the ability to reduce blood pressure and the circulation of stress hormones, and it increases the capacity for directed attention towards the ability to focus on work.

6. Join / attend One meeting in a day;

The manager / senior’s role is more important than ever before. Reassure, Motivate and make team feel secure is priority. Don’t just email people and said, you have to do it eyeball to eyeball. Excess meetings may have been a bugbear. Use technology like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Slack, to prevent time-wasting chains of emails.

7. Learn another line / something new;

Think about what else can be done during this period to develop another line to work. Do something to keep cognitively active, never get this kind of window to learn something again.

8. Social Responsibility / Combat loneliness

Please remember that we are social animals. The reason, we go to work is that we love being with other people. Nobody should take the threat of loneliness lightly during the pandemic because it can lead to poor mental and physical health in other areas.

The above limited tips may be used at least during this lockdown to work from home effectively.


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