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Krish Gupta

Krish Gupta

Plunge into dedication

“Fight for your dreams and the dreams will fight for you”

Success starts with our inner self.

Success starts, when one believes in himself with full dedication and determination. Everyday must start with an aim and willingness to accomplish the same. One must dream high beyond the imagination as sky isn’t the limit when footprints are found upon it. Everything is possible with respect to efforts we make for the same. If we indulge ourselves truly into a work the product will be enormous.

♦ A dedicated soul leads to success.

Our strength and will power leads to success. Our soul is an indomitable spirit which moves the world. One must identify the strengths and weakness and fight to be the best. Our inner-self is an epitome of strength, dedication, courage and dedication.

Life is a fight.

From our mother’s womb to external rest, life is a fight. Hence, one needs to fight with inner-self to be the best. Plea of the hour is to fight our numb spirits to get what we aim and we deserve. Everyone fights but a few gets success, reason being fighting isn’t a key to success but strategically fighting is. One must work in fully panned manner.

Daily inputs are essential.

One can’t get everything in one go but daily inputs are needed to be best. Regular and small steps are the basis of success. One must keep going step by step, those who try to skip often falls upon the ground.

Never give up.

Only weak give up. When things seem to go against you, always remember planes takes off against the wind, not with it. Times changes everything, every early morning and late night will pay off. One must not give up unless and until goal is achieved.

Hardwork with smartness.

It’s truly wrong that hardwork pays off; if it is true then donkey must be the most prosperous of all. But donkey is used as a slang which means useless, although donkey works hard more than anyone. Hence, hardwork mixed with smart work is a key to success. One must focus upon the quality of work rather focusing upon quantity of work.

I don’t need a weapon, I’m the one.

The power of our subconscious mind is more than what we think. Our mind is unstoppable beast which can do wonders. One can turn impossible into reality as sky isn’t the limit but our vision is. A century ago no one thought about a device through which one can connect to a million, i.e., smartphone which turned the whole meaning of globalization, communication and technology.

All we can do is to be the best… 🙂

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