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Urja Mahesh KariaFaith is confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief not based on proof. It is biggest gifts one can receive. The only thing that can help you survive the hardest of storms is Faith. In simple words, ‘it is nothing but a ray of light in our dark world’.

We humans are very rational, we believe in things, after they happen or after getting a proof of their existence, which is better known as Rationality. Anyone can easily believe on facts or factual information. It’s not even close to keeping faith. The real test is over things which haven’t been discovered yet. Faith is when we believe in something, without any kind of proof of its happenstance, just out of thin air. It is like we possess some kind of super powers which tells us that this will happen no matter what, no matter how. That is it.

You can keep your faith in God or the Universe or any other force or being.

For the ones who believe in God and keep their Faith in him – Whenever we create something, be it small or big, beautiful or ugly, nice or bad, we Love it. Why? Because we worked over it and we made it happen. And when someone tries to destroy that thing in any way, we wish to sabotage them. We are more than hurt and it affects us so much. In the very same way, how do you think HE feels when he looks at when we are worried, sad and when we cry our self to sleep. When things are hard for us, they get harder for him to see us like it. Just remember, if he brought you to it, he will surely get you through it.

For the people who believe in the Universe, the term Law of Attraction (LOA) is undoubtedly familiar to them, ‘what you ask of, you receive’. The very first thing law of attraction requires is to keep faith, faith in the Universe, that whatever that you’ve asked for, you’ll get it. And trust me, you do get it. You just have to desire something, believe its yours and let the thought go (the letting go part is very important- as when we let go of a thought, we don’t think over it, we don’t worry about it and when we don’t worry, it only means we are assured the thing will happen viz. nothing but Faith). The LOA goes in three simple steps, Ask. Believe. Receive.

Self-doubt is very natural to human beings. It is a part of our nature. We all have doubts. But, instead of ignoring or hiding from them (thinking the thought may vanish if we do not pay it any heed) we must listen to those scary thoughts. We must try to understand them. What we need is a basic understanding of our insecurities. The insecurities which keep us far away from Faith. When we ignore them, we choose to live with them. The best way to know your insecurities is pay attention to your self-talk. How do you talk to yourself? What are your words full of?

No matter whoever you believe and keep faith in, if you don’t have faith in yourself, nothing can get you anywhere. No God or Universe can help someone, who does not believe in himself. Why not? Even if you’ve been given everything to get ahead and get going, if you don’t possess the confidence in your heart that you can do this, you never will.

As Saint Augustine said, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe”.

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