Dear Professional Colleagues, Festive greetings to all of you!

I hope that all of you are quite busy with annual and other filings.

Incidentally, this is the peak period of annual filing under MCA 21. It has been reported by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that so far filing made by Companies are proportionately lesser in number than the total number due for annual and other filings. Therefore, I sincerely request you to expedite e-filing without waiting for the last dates. You will also appreciate that as a good risk mitigation plan, filing should be done as soon as possible.

Filing returns ahead of cut off dates will avoid congestion in the system at the flag end and also take care of technical snag, if any, at any point of time in the system.

Further, I am sure that you will also take necessary care, while filing the returns from the perspective of self-regulation and related compliances.

I request your support and cooperation in this regard.


CS R. Sridharan President

Source- ICSI

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  1. alpa says:

    how do we tackle the problem of site not working since the last 4-5 days?
    what are the arrangements made for more than normal increase in traffic at site during peak days?

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