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CS Divya AgrawalRELAX TO STUDY- It’s only a month left for the CA exam and two months for the CS examinations. And so it is very natural for the students to be in a bad shape and deep stress. But apart from the academic suggestion we do not normally find people who could take us around as to how to maintain our mental stress during these crucial days before the D- day; which is equally important.

These are very simple, stupid and easy advices; yet very significant do’s and don’ts to follow when your examinations are approaching.

1. Don’t lose your cool – The most important point to keep in mind is to control yourself. This can be a very stressful time especially if it’s your 2nd or 3rd attempt. But to succeed you need to concentrate and that can happen only if you keep calm. Don’t let stress overpower your studies and concentration. Remember maintain your cool is also an exam before the final exam.

2. Set up a time table and follow it- I am pretty sure you must have set a time table many times, but it is the time when you seriously need to start following it with full your might. It may not be possible to follow it completely , but frame it in the manner that the maximum part is possible to follow. It will help you cover the portions systematically.

3. Forget the world- start distancing yourself from others for these 1-2 months. It’s very necessary. Shun all the types of distractions. Reduce the time of partying and hanging out with friends. Tell your mother to call your relatives some days later. You need to focus completely on your studies just for these 2 months. You have to do it.

4. Shun the digital world. – You need to completely forget the digital world now. Smart phones, facebook, watsapp; the biggest distractions of studies should be avoided completely. Surrender your Smartphone for these few days , and use them only when urgently required. Social media consumes a lot of time and its contents linger in our mind for a long time disrupting our studies. It’s high time you avoid these.

5. Take small breaks and abide by it.– Its very necessary to study productively and for this everything should be studied with a fresh mind. Take small break of 5-10 minutes every hour, so that your mind is not overburdened. But come back after the break . Don’t let 5 min extend to 30 min.(it actually happens most of the time).Listen to songs, or go out in fresh air. It will lighten your mood.

6. Care for your health.- taking care for your health at this last stages before exams is very important. You would not like to fall ill at these crucial days. Have your food properly. Healthy and good food which would help you concentrate. Take at least 6-7 hour sleep which is equally very necessary, 16 hours are enough to study. Waste less time in day and sleep nicely at night. It will increase your concentration and capacity to study.

7. Study in the morning and spend some time among the greenery and fresh air. It will help you memorize your chapters faster and will calm your brain.

Go ahead with a cool mind and serious concentration and you will definitely pass with flying colours …


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  1. Ronika says:

    Thank you for such useful tips! Can you please suggest some advice for people into full time job and also preparing for the exam. There is an urgent need for a serious advice on managing time for studies after work.

  2. twi says:

    Why notification is so much delayed??
    Its very much panicking and DOES EFFECT OUR quality report!
    Why ICAI is not taking any ACTION FOR IMMEDIATE Notification?
    What is real advantage of delaying it?

  3. VUM Rao says:

    It is really very nice of her taking time and giving useful tips for final exam especially to those who are trying 2nd or 3rd attempts. I know a friend who could clear an important paper only after the 7 th attempt He was in fact highly intellegent than many of us. Her tips are useful for all other exams, tests and interviews too. If only youth follows her tips sincerely, we can change our country into a rich wealthy country with full of happiness.

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