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Dr. Shikha Swaroop Darbari

Dr. Shikha Swaroop DarbariIn Indian society treatment of women is towards extremes. On one hand she is worshipped as ‘Devi’, on the other hand cases of foeticide, dowry deaths, rape and domestic violence are still on increase. One section of society give them highest possible education to be PM, CM, IAS, doctors, Engineer, CA and scientist to go into the space, whereas another section won’t allow them to step out of the house due to unsafe environment around.

Today gender has become a limiting factor to the talent and ambition of Women, where rights, responsibilities and opportunities are determined by the fixed mindset and prejudices towards woman. By not allowing women to come forward , we are unintentionally putting half of the humanity to disadvantageous position. This increasing crime and violence against women is a blot to our collective consciousness and a definite obstacle to women’s progress, because of which even most forward thinking people take a retro – step.

We have reached this stage, as our society by default is doing a wrong journal entry in the books of life since time immemorial by treating daughters as ‘Liability’. I personally feel that ‘Women Empowered’ is an important ‘asset’ of the society on which both family and society can bank upon emotionally and financially. To reach this point we only have to change our mindset and as mothers teach our sons to respect and protect women.

But today’s environment and mindset towards women is so contradicted that though we want to teach them to fly but the environment is such that we become afraid moment they take their first step out..

Till we develop a better dwelling place for women, we can say…

पंख भी हैं , और खुला आसमान भी,
फिर यह ना उड पाने की मजबूरी क्या है ?

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