Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): An Overview (Revised 2019)

This is the fourth edition of our earlier issued publication which contains an overview of various aspects related to Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) such as roadmap for the applicability of Ind AS, carve-outs from IFRS/IAS, changes in financial reporting under Ind AS compared to financial reporting under accounting standards, summary of all the Ind AS etc. It captures all the recent amendments to Ind AS notified by the MCA in March 2019 specifically issuance of new leases standard (Ind AS 116) and other consequential amendments thereto.

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  1. AMARMANHAS says:

    Hi i am unable to download this e book . Can i get it on email . My email id is
    Also this is for Sept 2016 so whether all the amendments as per Companies Amendment Rules 2016 is included . And whether there is another latest edition which include amendments as per Companies Amendment Rules 2017

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