Concurrent Audit of Branches

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Ref: HO/INSP/NOTE/1 755/2013 dtd. 15-05-2013

Request for Registration (RFR) issued by

Deputy General Manager (Inspection)

Section – I

1.  Introduction and DisclaimerThis Request for Registration document (RFR”) has been prepared solely to enable Dena Bank “The Bank”) in the selection of suitable CA firm (Service Provider – SP) for conduct of Concurrent Audit of Dena Bank Branches.

The RFR document is not a recommendation, offer or invitation to enter into a contract, agreement or other arrangement in respect of the services.

2.  Information ProvidedThe RFR document contains statements derived from information that is believed to be reliable at the date obtained but does not purport to provide all of the information that may be necessary or desirable to enable an intending contracting party to determine whether or not to enter into a contract or arrangement with the Bank in relation to the provision of services. Neither the Bank nor any of its employees, agents, contractors, or advisers give any representation or warranty, express or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or statement given or made in this RFR document. Neither the Bank nor any of its employees, agents, contractors, or advisers has carried out or will carry out an independent audit or verification or due diligence exercise in relation to the contents of any part of the RFR document.

3.  For Respondent OnlyThe RFR document is intended solely for the information of the party to whom it is issued (“the Recipient” or “the Respondent”) and not to any other person or organization.

4.  ConfidentialityThe RFR document is confidential and is not to be reproduced, transmitted or made available by the Recipient to any other party. The RFR document is provided to the Recipient on the basis of the undertaking of confidentiality given by the Recipient to the Bank. The Bank may update or revise the RFR document or any part of it. The Recipient acknowledges that any such revised or amended document received is subject to the same terms and conditions as of this original and is subject to the same confidentiality, undertaking.

The Recipient will not disclose or discuss the contents of the RFR document with any officer, employee, consultant, director, agent, or other person associated or affiliated in any way with the Bank or any of its customers, suppliers, or agents without prior written consent of the Bank.

5. Disclaimer

Subject to any law to the contrary, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Bank and its officers, employees, contractors, agents, and advisers disclaim all liabilities from any loss or damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by any person acting on or refraining from acting because of any information, including forecasts, statements, estimates, or projections contained in this RFR document or conduct ancillary to it whether or not the loss or damage arises in connection with any negligence, omission, default, lack of care or misrepresentation on the part of the Bank or any of its officers, employees, contractors, agents, or advisers.

6.  Costs Borne by Respondents

All costs and expenses incurred by the Recipient / Respondent in any way associated with the development, preparation, and submission of responses, including but not limited to the attendance at meetings, discussions, demonstrations, etc. and providing any additional information required by the Bank, will have to be borne entirely and exclusively by the Recipient / Respondent.

7.  No Legal Relationship

No binding legal relationship will exist between the Recipients / Respondents and the Bank until the execution of a contractual agreement.

8.  Recipient Obligation to Inform Itself

The Recipient must conduct its own investigation and analysis regarding any information contained in the RFR document and the meaning and impact of that information.

9.  Evaluation of Offers

Each Recipient acknowledges and accepts that the Bank may, at its absolute & sole discretion, apply whatever criteria it deems appropriate in the selection of CA Firms, not limited to those selection criteria set out in this RFR document.

10.   Errors and Omissions

The Recipient may notify the Bank of any error, omission, or discrepancy found in this RFR document.

11. Acceptance of Terms

The Recipient, by responding to the Bank’s RFR, will be deemed to have accepted the terms as stated above from Para 1 through Para 10.

12. Submission of Applications

One Hard copy duly signed by the authorized person should be submitted to the “Bank’s Evaluation Office” at the following address:

The Deputy General Manager

Dena Bank H.O.

Inspection & Internal Audit Dept.

4th Floor, 17-Horniman Circle

Fort, Mumbai – 400023.           

Contact 022-22664648/22665997/22693196

12.1 Submission will be valid if:

  • Application is submitted as per formats before the scheduled closing date / time.
  • Application is submitted with “Auditor Registration Form” (ARF) is hand written in the same sheet (page #20) provided in this RFR
  • Application is submitted in a sealed envelope with the marking: “Registration for Concurrent Audit of Branch – 2013”

13. Disqualification

Any form of canvassing/lobbying/influencing/query regarding short listing, status etc will be a disqualification.

14. Process

Selection of a successful SP will involve an 4 stages approach.

1. Submission of Registration Form

2. Evaluation of RFR

Shortlist is done based on the Criteria mentioned under Section II 1 .1 & 1 .2. In case. More applications are found even after the above filtering, the Bank reserves its right to have suitable parameter / s to shortlist the applications.

3. Issuance of letter of appointment (LoA)

4. Acceptance of the LoA

14.1. Process Timeframe

The following is an indicative “Timeframe” for the overall selection process. The Bank reserves the right to vary this “Timeframe” at its absolute and sole discretion, should the need arise. Changes to the timeframe will be intimated to the affected Respondents during the process.

Description Due Dates
Commencement of RFR 16.05.2013
Last date for submission of RFR 31.05.2013 before 3 pm
Issuance of LoA 10.06.2013
Acceptance of LoA 15.06.2013
User training in “Sentinell” (Online Audit System) 24.06.2013
Commencement of Audit 01.07.2013

* All dates mentioned above are tentative dates and the bidder acknowledges that he cannot hold the Bank responsible for breach of any of the above dates.

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