A driver with an accident-free record can make mistakes and end up in an accident. Persons with good demeanor can also commit crimes. Do not think a money conscious person will repay any money owed to others. Do not take the enemy’s strength for granted to make the wrong move. The person steering a car need not be the owner, but a driver or even a thief. Neither all those dressed well are civilized nor the people clad in simple clothes lack discipline. Don’t conclude that all educated people will be wise and smart. Not all doctors will diagnose and cure the illness.

A person in a house need not be the owner as it could be the tenant or a servant or a stranger. After the field inspection of a palatial house, an investigating agency presented a report to a bank by quoting the lessee as the owner of the property. The bank sold the security in an auction to realize the money lent to the lessee. Later, the actual owner filed a criminal case against the bank for negligence and wrong action of selling his property.
The artificial stones make us believe them as the real gems. Many robberies and thefts capitalize on this weakness. The fake items are kept behind the original object to mislead the onlooker. A major fraud of embezzlement came to light when the cash holdings were checked in a bank’s currency office. Though the storage boxes had the original currency notes on the top, the counterfeit notes were found at the bottom.
All looking white cannot be the milk or toddy. A person may consume a soft drink in bar, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. Whoever is seen at the police station cannot be the culprits. A casual visitor to the court cannot be assumed as a lawyer or judge. Assuming a dead person as sleeping is an error in judgement. The possession of vast wealth does not make the owner rich. There are people who live in palaces, but lead a poor life for lack of income. A rich business owner filed for insolvency to avoid the attachment of his assets and estate and escape from the recovery proceedings of another business that lent money to him.
When there is any sickness, many seek the Internet to interpret their symptoms and  decide their ailment. Out of fear, one fellow spent a huge amount for a CAT scan and took the report to a specialist who said, ” Nothing to worry. it’s an ordinary sinusitis problem.” Thus, online diagnosis can go wrong, upsetting the net users psychologically. The anxiety generated by visiting the medical websites is called as ‘ Cyberchondria.’
By simply assigning the works to the employees and subordinates, no business can expect the desired results. The management needs to monitor and control the activities at regular intervals. Not only the money and time are wasted, but the reputation also suffers. A prudent driver should not assume that everyone on the road will behave properly. A traveler shall not assume the new place will have all facilities.
Therefore, do not presume anything before making any judgement. It’s the prerogative of the theorists to formulate the ideas with all assumptions. Lethargy is a common excuse for making assumptions. For any good purpose, we can assume, but not for bad acts. For instance, donation to a charity is made on the expectation that it will reach the needy.
Mohan Thulasingam(Author Mohan Thulasingam is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on tmohan0311@hotmail.com)

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