CA Pankaj Kumar Agrawal 

CA Pankaj Kumar AgrawalFirst of all, Congratulations to those students who have cleared CA- IPCC and CA- Final exam.

After the declaration of Result, there are a few happy faces of candidates who’ve managed to clear the exams. Their hard work has been rewarded and they are all charged up for a good career ahead.

“The greatest failure in life is the failure to try again”

But after the results of every exam there are many sad faces as well of candidates who’ve failed to clear their exams. With passing percentages of professional competitive exams being too low, very few candidates manage to clear their exams and the rest are declared as failed.

“Failure improves the taste of victory”

Interestingly, a high proportion of the candidates who appear for such exams are those who’ve been outstanding in their career record throughout; and when they face failure, they get traumatized. Many candidates get demotivated and get depressed about their failure.

“Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.”

Here is the 13 (Thirteen) Interesting Reasons for being failure in exam with Remedies

I would strongly suggest you all to stick to the basics of study to avoid further failure and ensure success. For me some basics of study are as follows:

1. No Proper Planning and Time management skills

Most of the students are carelessness towards career.

“Bas Dosto ke CA ka form fill kar dete hai”

So, Be serious. Else you will feel guilty throughout your life even if you do something good elsewhere.

Usually, they engaged in other activities during preparation (Marriage, birthdays, family get together, poojas), parties. “All these events can be completed without you”

“Don’t Waste Time otherwise Time will Sucks you.”

Proper utilization of this time is really essential to clear your exam in first attempt. So in this way and to prepare an effective study schedule, time management is very important.

Just do not take the text book and start reading from the first chapter. Plan your subject, your interest, have an overall feel of the Book, Chapters and their importance. Do not leave any chapter in option

“Nobody in this world ever achieved anything by giving up”

2. Busy in asking/arranging Study Plan and time table.

One Word for these kind of students “Rest in Peace”.

No one will learn you how to manage your valuable time, after all its your precious time. You need to understand your utility of time. Everyone has their own capabilities, strength and weakness. I can’t able to figure out that such kind of study plans are feasible for every students. So, plan accordingly as per your own assessments.

“All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

3. Wrong Selections of books and Ignorance of ICAI Study material, Practice Manual, RTP

You need to refer the book which is given by your Coaching teacher but without ignoring the material provided by ICAI like study material, practice manual, RTPs, MTPs etc. Nobody is asking you to read these materials wholly and thoroughly. But the main idea is to make you realize their importance.

Study martial is Bhagavad Gita/Bible/Quran. First read this and then if required any reference book, particularly theory subject. Suggested are very much helpful in understanding the way Institute asks a question and expect us to answer.

“You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.”

4. Confuse between attempting single group or both group in exam

It depends on your preparation and availability of time along with your capability to handle both group at a time. Most of students get confused whether to give both the groups or one group at a time. No point in discussing with friends or taking advise from others. Remember you and you only are the best judge.

” Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.”

5. Poor presentation skills

This thing is said by many Rank Holders. They say that they have scored rank because others don’t have the proper and needed writing skills. And you see, this is another main reason of failure in ICAI Exams. So work on your presentation skills from now onwards otherwise you will never realize what mistake you are committing in every attempt.

“Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.” 

6. Inappropriate Guidance & unsolicited guidance from every random persons

CA Students accept every other CA Students’ advice which is actually doing more harm than good. Until and unless the advice is coming from a expert, please don’t accept any one else’s advice. Don’t even listen to them as it will distract you.

“Success delayed is not success denied

7. No Self awareness/ No Proper assessment & analysis

Some students are fully dependent upon coaching class. I suggest you that at least develop your own assessment and calibers. In other words understanding of prevailing examination pattern in a proper manner is also very important for a good start to your exam preparation. Understanding the structure of the exams, then its become possible to tackle the exam and be successful. Based on the structure of exam planning should be made.

Self analysis is also essential to figure out that everything is going as per your plan. A well defined study plan is not a guarantee of success unless executed in proper way. So you may test your preparation by attempting some previous exam paper under ultimate exam condition or environment.

” Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you can’t fail. “

8. Not practicing by writing the proper format

Rough work? Rough work is how a CA Student defines his practice.

Blunder, a big blunder. Have you ever seen Sachin (Master Blaster) practicing roughly? Or practicing with a poor and old bat? No he doesn’t. He practices with the bat like he is playing the Final Match. And dear CA Students you have to so the same. Trust me this habit if inculcated will reap in more benefits than any other tip being talked about here..

Students solve practical problems in the text book by ticking the posting. In exams we are not provided with answers which we have to verify. We have to actually write the answers. So practice in note book and ensure that you complete full question. Don’t leave halfway.

“Failure will never overtake me if my definition to succeed is strong enough”

9. More of advice & less of its implementations

The problem with the CA Student is that he is inquisitive enough to listen to the motivation being provided by the friends, teachers, peers, parents etc. but the only problem is that there is more of listening and less of implementation. There is no point of listening of you are not converting those thoughts into actions.

10. No analysis of mistakes

Get very specific about the reasons of your failure. Failure is there not without a reason. It’s there to give you the wisdom you need to succeed. Each failure you encounter increases your wisdom and brings you one step closer to success. If you have this mindset, you will see failure differently. You will see each failure as an opportunity to learn.

Let’s take the example of people in and around us who failed and then succeeded.

Name Failure term Succeeded in term
Shailee Chaudhary CA Final – Nov 14 CA Final Rank 1 – May 15
Nitin Gupta CA Final – May 10 CA Final Rank 1 – Nov 10
Sujoy K. N. CA Final – Nov 09, May 10 CA Final Rank 1 – Nov 10
Sonia Rakheja CA Final – Nov 09, May 10 CA Final Rank – Nov 10
Archit Shah CA Final – Nov 09 CA Final Rank 3, May 10
Gaurav Gupta CA PE II, May 08 CA PE II Rank 18, Nov 08
Monica Dalaniya CA PCC, Nov 10 CA PCC Rank 21, May 11

(The above is only an illustrative list and in every attempt, many failures manage to secured a rank)

“FAILURE in CA Exams is NOT the End of the World. Face it”

11. Tensions, Panic, Depressions, frustrations etc

Look at your failure objectively, unemotionally. It takes courage and deep strength to overcome the overwhelming feelings of frustrations when you fail an examination. You should help yourself by staying strong by neglecting all the negative feelings brought by the disappointments.

Success is for those people who never quit. You should look forward for good things to happen ahead of you. You should tell yourself that a failed examination may give you bad days but not bad life.

12. No proper time allocation for revision

Another basic study point is to give ample emphasis to a good revision plan. There is

nothing is this world which can substitute a good revision plan. To succeed revision is must.

13. Less importance given to theory potion of practical papers.

Most of the students don’t give due value to the theory in the practical subject. So right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects is equally important. The best way to solve this issue is to prepare notes of frequently asked theory questions from Scanner.

Give your Best Shot and 100% effort and trust God. You would come out with flying colors. ALL THE BEST.

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Please share these article to your friends if you feel it is useful.

If you want to shine like a sun. First burn like a sun.”.

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  1. Yusra says:

    I have my inter CA exams in may 19 but my syllabus is not completed yet so i decided not to give this it fine if i give next attemp without giving this attempt?

  2. Deepak Shah says:

    My son is constantly getting failed in ITSM in second group of IPCC. He has exemption in Accounts. He again has to give exam of 2 subjects, but he is really depressed. He also did classes and did hard work, but failed for 4 marks. Can you guide ? Should he leave and start MBA. ?

  3. Sakshi says:

    I failed thrice in CA final now. My SFM paper is exempt.Please guide me what to do and how to do. Its really getting difficult now . Will doing job along with preparation work? Is this option would work to make fresh start?

  4. Anand says:

    I failed hardly 4 times in IPCC in my last attempt I secure 188 in Nov 2015 but I sick of crying and tired of trying .though I secure 90% in my board exams now I am useless but I don’t what to study and how to start after failure I am getting mad…. Beyond this I wrote in this may but I don’t have a satisfaction level ….my friends move forward but I helpless and worthless .beyond that friendship will be good position otherwise u have awkward situation..
    I am from cpt route I am not eligible for articles also…I am not creating sympathy.but my situation is like this
    Even I got the advices from many people .is not worth ..

  5. Mohammad says:

    Thank you very much Sir. The article is really very helpful.

    But one thing i request you to correct is that every person has different spritual feelings, so its better that Religious scriptures(Bible,Quran) is not compared with some irrelevant things(study material).

    From Exam point of view study material could be relevant but From spritual point of view it is worthless.

    I hope you will consider my suggestion for future.

  6. CA Sunaina Shaw says:

    As mentioned above all the points i will not say is equally applicable to all students but one thing i realised after passing my exam that there is a much more need of answer with good presentation….even if one doesn’t attempt full questions dats not the big issue but the thing is how much u answer must be a quality answers.Else CA also depends on luck so best of luck…..

  7. Aasha says:

    the 13 reasons you have mentioned about are absolutely true but that is so one sided
    Most of the study may have failed because of the reasons you mentioned but I said most but not whole.
    There a man who never faced failure in life till then, he expected to be passed but he ain’t
    The reason for it is not these 13 reasons he had hard work no smart work too
    He loved his subjects more than anything in this in world
    I would even tell he had given his 100% best in the exams
    And that person after seeing your article doubted himself and thought the made blunders all the way, which he actually didn’t do.
    We have forced him to have a revaluation.
    He went into a depression sadly.
    Please when you write stuff like this mention don’t make people to feel so bad about themselves
    This is soo negatively filled, CA students aren’t that dumb and small not be able to reliase what mistake they have done (we study strategic management)

    If your really wanted to help out students – let the ICAI know darker side of the study not the students

  8. Mohit says:

    We have no time because

    1.) we have to undergo articleship i.e. why no time for revision and panic automatically comes.
    2.) In ca course there are various students who don’t have money to take coaching i.e. why selection of wrong books.
    3.) and you can not opt for ICAI study material for all subjects as you have hardly 6 months (If your principal gives you 3 months dummy) to prepare for 8 subjects.
    4.)Regarding less importance to theory portion…..why there is a theory portion in practical exam and still if it is there for some knowledge enhancement purpose only. so ask only multiple choice questions from theory……….why so big questions so that we have to CRAM it…..we are CA (who works on logic) not crammers.


  9. Rajendra Thacker says:

    Thanks a lot sir i always read articles from Tax Guru and all reasons would be helpfull to students who have participate

  10. CA A. P. GUPTA says:

    Beside 13 points suggested by CA Pankaj Agrawal, there are few more things which every student should take care.
    1. Every student must attempt all the questions asked to answer whether wright or wrong as this will be examined by the examiner but if anyone leaves any question un-attempted he/she can never clear his exam. The reason behind this concept is that you have consumed more time than expected to answer rest of the questions and you are not up to the expectations and are certain failure even though you have answered the rest of the questions fully correct.

    2. Don’t answer the questions of theory in the language/style used by any author or given in suggested answers but answer in your own style using the concepts used by the author of any book or in the suggested answers. The idea behind this is that you should understand the concept of the chapter or in other words read the author and write your own book on the chapter from your mind and knowledge that will give you complete command on the chapter/subject.

    3. Always show the rough working and calculations in practical questions otherwise it is assumed that you have copied the answer from the examples given in books or suggested answers.


  11. Nikhita Shetty says:

    The 13 Reason is not for only CA student, It is inspiration of all student to become a very successful person in life. surely this will help for all students.

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