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Special Procedure for Manufacturing Designated Goods: Forms and Deadlines

January 8, 2024 732 Views 0 comment Print

Explore special procedure mandated for manufacturing specified goods, including forms SRM-I, SRM-IA, SRM-IIA, SRM-IIB, SRM-IIIA, SRM-IIIB, and SRM-IV. Deadlines and details revealed.

TDS Provision under GST updated as on 31st Oct 2023

November 29, 2023 5046 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the TDS provision under GST as of 31st Oct 2023. Learn about regulations, implications, and recent updates. Ensure compliance for smooth transactions.

GST Refund on Export of Goods: Rules, Options and Calculations

November 16, 2023 7227 Views 0 comment Print

Article explains rules and options for GST refund on export of goods. Learn about procedures, forms, and calculations involved in claiming a refund under GST.

Interest under the GST

March 30, 2023 23613 Views 3 comments Print

Learn about interest under GST as per Section 50 of the CGST Act, 2017, and Rule 88B of the CGST Rule, 2017. Explore circumstances, rates, and examples of interest levies for GST on sales and Input Tax Credit (ITC).

GST Implication on Goods Transport by Road (GTA)

November 29, 2022 74958 Views 9 comments Print

Understand the implications of GST on road transport of goods. Learn about the exemption for goods transportation agencies and courier agencies.

Form GSTR-9 (Explanation) for 2021-22

October 8, 2022 18222 Views 2 comments Print

Gain insights into the Form GSTR-9 for the financial year 2021-22 with a detailed explanation. Understand each section, from basic details to ITC, tax paid, and additional information. Simplify your annual return filing with expert comments.

Supply From DTA To SEZ or SEZ To DTA Under GST

October 8, 2022 30114 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the nuances of Supply from Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) to Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or vice versa under GST. Understand the implications of Section 7 of IGST Act, 2017 and provisions related to export, import, and zero-rated supply. Stay informed to navigate cross-border transactions effectively.

Block Input Tax Credit – Motor Vehicle – Section 17(5) of CGST Act, 2017

October 8, 2022 7401 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the implications of Section 17(5) of CGST Act, 2017 on Input Tax Credit (ITC) for motor vehicles. Explore scenarios where ITC is not available, such as works contracts, personal consumption, and gifts. Stay informed to optimize your tax credit utilization.

Scrutiny of Returns ASMT-10

June 3, 2022 7761 Views 0 comment Print

As per Section 61 read with Rule 99, a GST Officer is scrutinize the returns & related information furnished by the tax payer to verify the correctness of returns. If the assessment indicates a high risk of default or any indication of fraud, a scrutiny notice in the form of GST ASMT-10 is issued for seeking an explanation for the same.

GST Implication on Recovery Agent Service

March 27, 2022 51096 Views 2 comments Print

Term Recovery Agent has not been defined in the GST Law and hence the term Recovery Agent can be derived from the general parlance used in the industry ie Agent, covers a person who is carrying  the business of recovery of debt on behalf of another person.

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