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MSME Sector-Lifeline of Indian Economy

June 22, 2020 3303 Views 0 comment Print

Introduction The world is battling with horrors like the COVID-19, which has left the entire world to a standstill. MSME is the maximum hit sector due to this global pandemic. So considering this fact that the MSME sector is the lifeline of the Indian economy, the government announced immediate relief measures to re-energise this sector. […]

Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace (Posh Act, 2013)

May 21, 2020 27696 Views 2 comments Print

Many women at the word level experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, yet the majority of these incidents go unreported, making it difficult to get an accurate count of how pervasive the problem truly is. In the recent past, we saw the #MeToo movement in India as well. The year 2018 saw the rise of […]

Labour Laws Compliance and Audit in India

May 9, 2020 16716 Views 0 comment Print

Over a period of time, the government has taken various legislative, administrative and e-governance initiatives in the field of labour laws to generate employment and to facilitate ease of doing business. Labour Law is the body of law which focuses on ensuring the protection of the rights of workers in India.

Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020- Salient features

March 31, 2020 2565 Views 0 comment Print

To allow the defaulting companies and to enable them to file the belated documents, the Central Government in the exercise of powers conferred under section 460 read with section 403 of the Companies Act, 2013 has decided to introduce a scheme namely ‘COMPANIES FRESH START SCHEME- 2020 (CFSS-2020)’condoning the delay in filing the documents with Registrar of Companies.

LLP Settlement Scheme 2020- 11 Things to Know

March 5, 2020 1674 Views 0 comment Print

Q 1. What is the LLP SETTLEMENT SCHEME -2020? Ans. In order to promote ease of doing business, the Central Government decided to give a Onetime relaxation in additional fees to the defaulting LLPs to make good their default by filing pending documents and to serve as a compliant LLP in the future. This scheme […]

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