"April, 1970" Archive

Circular No. 39-Income Tax dated 13-04-1970

Circular No. 39-Income Tax (13/04/1970)

Circular No. 39-Income Tax A comprehensive agreement for the avoidance of double taxation of income between India and Republic of France was signed by the representatives of the two countries on 26th March, 1969, and a notification under s.90 of the IT Act and s. 24A of the Companies (Profits) Surtax Act, to give effect to the provisions...

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Notification: S.O.1416 Date of Issue: 6/4/1970

Notification: S.O.1416 (06/04/1970)

Notification: S.O.1416 M. Visvesvaraya Industrial Research and Development Centre It is hereby notified for general information that the institution mentioned below has been approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,...

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