Attention of SEBI has been drawn to news items appearing in a section of press wherein certain comments have been made about the pace of investigations completed during the year 2011-12.

From the news items, it is noted that the data of entire years in the past has been compared with a part of the year 2011-12 and distorted inferences have been drawn. The correct position for the last three years is as under:-

Year                       Cases taken up for investigation         Cases completed

2009-10                                  71                                                                   74

2010-11                                104                                                                   82

2011-12                                154                                                                    74

As may also be seen, SEBI has initiated more number of investigations during the year 2011-12.

Further, the half yearly break-up of investigation cases completed during the last two years is as under:

Year                       Cases completed (Apr-Sept)      Cases completed (Oct-Mar)

2010-11                            14                                                                   68

2011-12                               4                                                                   70



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