Representation to Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Finance Minister,for issues assessee is facing in new Income Tax Portal Portal after a month since launch by Direct Taxes Professionals’ Association.

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Ref. No. – DTPA/Rep/21-22/30

Date: 2nd August, 2021

Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman,
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Government of India,
North Block, New Delhi 110 001

Respected Madam,

Subject- Representation for issues assessee is facing in new ITD Portal after a month since launch

Respected Madam,

At the outset we thank your honour for starting some functionalities like E proceedings, furnishing of TDS/ TCS Statements after launch of the new IT Portal. However we wish to appraise your good self about the problems and issues faced by the assessee and professionals in new ITD Portal after a month since its launch. Listed below are some of the issues:-

1. Unable to file I-T returns for Assessment Year 2021-22. Though facility for furnishing  ITR -1, 2 and 4 has been provided but these are not being filed properly. The portal is showing error in respect of bank accounts.  It is also showing Late Fee and the due date is being shown as 31st July though the due date has already been extended to 30th September, 2021. (Please also see Point 9 hereinafter).

2. The DSC is now required to be registered on the personal e-filing account of the authorized signatory. However in many cases it is not being registered. In case of AOPs/ private Trusts, the Executor has got the DSC but the option is not showing to register the DSC of the Executor as was available in earlier portal.

3. Facility missing for downloading intimation u/s 143(1) for AY 2019-20 and earlier years and also other forms and returns.

4. Unlike the earlier website there is no tab for the VsV scheme for providing comprehensive information and no update of the pending actions tab. Form- 3, 4 and Form 5 under ‘Vivad se Vishwas Scheme’ are not visible on the portal. It should be urgently made available as taxpayers are required to pay tax under VSV by 31st August, 2021.

5. The e-proceedings tab is functional but not FULLY.

6. Online rectification option is not available.

7. JSON utility for filing tax returns in ITR 5, 6 and 7 is still not available

8. Form 15CA/15CB utility (relating to remittances) is still awaited.

9. The taxpayer is not able to file ITR in response to Notice u/s 148/ 153A/ 153C of the Income Tax Act for earlier years as download of utility is happening erratically and attachment of digital signature is not taking place consistently even though the return is required to be filed within 30 days of receipt of notice. Many taxpayers have received Notices for last several assessment years.

10. In many cases, OTP is not reaching the taxpayer for e-verification of ITR. In the e-proceeding tab, replies cannot be filed as OTP is not reaching to the authorised representative or the assessee.

11. The taxpayer is not able to file applications u/s 154 for rectification of mistakes as tab is not available.

12. Though the time for application for re-registration by NGOs in the form 10A has been extended till 31st August 2021, the prescribed Form 10A is not available in the Government Portal. Now that the new registration form itself is not available, it has become absolutely impossible to proceed in the matter.

13. The new Portal is not allowing appeals to be filed with DIN. Also the BSR Code starting with ‘0’ is not being accepted.

14. While uploading compliance to notice u/s 143(2) on the new Portal, only DSC is acceptable (other than individuals).  Earlier both DSC and Aadhhar OTP were allowed.  It is suggested that both options should be again reinstated.

15. In many cases even though response has been filed on the earlier e-Portal and it is showing in the new Portal, notices are being issued once again on similar issues for compliance, whereas the compliance has already been made. This reflects non consideration of records as well as non-application of mind.

16. It is nearly impossible to update one’s profile to 100 per cent. The Portal shows at best 75 per cent completion of profile without pointing out as to what information is missing. There is no clarification regarding the same.

17. A/R option is not yet fully functional.

18. At the time of filing response to notices relating to proceedings u/s 148, error is being shown as ‘something went wrong’.

Your goodself will further appreciate that these are some of the issues being faced by the assessee and professionals. Since many due date are approaching soon, we would appreciate if your goodself would kindly consider the issues faced and get the same sorted out in the mew portal as soon as possible.

We request your honour to kindly consider the above representation favorably and we shall be obliged for such consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

CA Narendra Goyal,

President, DTPA

Advocate Narayan Jain,

Chairman, DTPA Representation Committee

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    If interest is being charged for not taking into consideration, what care have the vendors taken and the Government Officials who are part of the committee to look into issues are taking ?
    Could some of them try filing heir ITRs and complete the profile?
    Why have we landed up in such amess?

  2. Venkatraman says:

    Reg pt 16, unless personal and financial details like passport no and Demat acct no, condonation request cannot be applied and similarly prefilled form will not be available, unlike old portal. Profile editing, except for bank acct should be voluntary as in old portal
    2. Addition,deletion of bank acct is also not smooth, unlike old portal. Same procedure may be restored

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