There are Mobile applications which are not approved by the Income Tax Department. Users are advised that they may not be according to Department data structure. Filers using them are doing at their own risk.


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0 responses to “Income Tax Department cautioned on use of Mobile applications for Filing”

  1. vswami says:

    Sharing Quick Thoughts:

    Yes, yes ! If Govt. were to proceed, the utmost Caution is a MUST.

    While on the topic of ‘mobile’, or an equally fascinating but ultra -modern topic of ‘e’mail’, have you ever heard or read that interesting character from across the globe by name – David Pogue; if not better do, especially if curious to know the plus or minus of these innovations, read or listen to, at least to pass the time, – provided, of course, have the mind to do so. To get introduced go to >

    Now, as for the government, better do the inevitable hard homework, with the active assistance and guidance of the most outstanding experts at large, before venturing to take even a baby step in that direction. Lest, further messing up of the even-now obtaining scenario in inter alia the realm of tax administration might prove a certainty.

  2. SEE BU says:

    CBU G
    Thanx for tis artical

  3. anil says:

    I am government servant and my annual income is 17 lakh, do I require Digital Signature Certificate?

  4. ram babu B.Com says:

    The dept. ‘promptly’ acted at the eleventh hour. This is like a court giving its judgement, disqualifying an M.L.A at the end of the term.

    The Dept. issues the ITRs in the month of May/June. Till such time it accepts the previous year’s return. Once the revised forms are made available by the Law book sellers from the very next day they stop accepting the old forms..

    So this is like one more like that heckling on the innocent tax payers – who want to fulfil their legal obligations but do not know.

  5. Venkatesh Alla says:


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