Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes

New Delhi, Dated 17th July, 2015

All Pr. Chief Commissioners of Income-tax

Subject; Target for ‘New Taxpayers’  for F.Y.2015-16 and Strategy to achieve the same-reg

Please refer to the above.

2. The Region wise target for ‘New Taxpayers’ for Financial Year 2015-16 is as under:

Region New Taxpayer target for F.Y. 2015-16
Andra Pradesh and Telengana 793427
Bihar and Jharkhand 497207
Delhi 532218
Gujarat 786459
Karnataka and Goa 622602
Kerala 355848
Madhya Pradesh and Chhttisgarh 468778
Mumbai 623867
Nagpur 170799
North East Region 177103
North West Region 930911
Odisha 198129
Pune 1014418
Rajasthan 464152
Tamil Nadu 764396
Uttar Pradesh (East) 432956
Uttar Pradesh (West) 474925
West Bengal and Sikkim 691806
Total 10000000

3. The action points for achieving the target in the respective areas are identified as under:

Area Action Points
Devise   and   pursue   region   specific strategies ·             Devise and pursue region specific strategies for identification and pursuing potential taxpayers -Professionals, Businesses, Employees.·             Conduct meetings with Professional bodies and trade associations

·             Work with DIT(I&CI) to collect potential information

Pursue NMS Defaulters ·             Complete verification of NMS 1 and 2 cases by 31.07.2015 (available on I-taxnet)·             Complete verification of NMS 3 cases by 30.09,2015 (available on Actionable Information Monitoring System-AIMS)
Handle Non-PAN data ·             PCCsIT to decide whether action will be taken on pin code wise segregated non-PAN data through Jurisdictional AOs or special units (Non-PAN data having sufficient address information will be disseminated using online platform)·             Ensure that jurisdictional AOs/special units follow-up with transacting parties to verify, and populate PAN in non-PAN data
Ensure action against TDS defaulters ·             Follow-up with Deductors for submission of TDS statements·             Follow-up with Deductors for submission of transactions involving non-deduction/lower deduction by TDS AOs

4. This issues with the approval of Chairperson, CBDT.

(Ekta Jain)
Deputy Secretary (OT)

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  1. CA Deepak Soni says:

    And therefore now Indians should be ready for more and more harassment as if the present level of the harassment is not enough.The Indian entrepreneurs and all the businessmen and also all the ordinary citizens are tired of the level of useless and extremely expensive compliance they are called to make or they have to be ready for heavy penalties and bribery.All the skills are being spent away on the filling in the forms and making payment of taxes and replying to the irrelevant and useless repeated notices received from all the Govt departments and flattering the most corrupt and the most useless and the most damaging bureaucrats in India.I have been inter acting with many manufacturers and now everybody has lost the spirit of entrepreneurship and have been expressing the feeling to wind up the business and deposit the funds in a nationalized bank and enjoy on the interest.In the entire world India is perhaps the only so called developing nation who has been killing a hen to have all the eggs at one time.I am really depressed and ashamed.

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