THE Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has directed the Income Tax Department ( ITD ) to make arrangements for receiving income tax returns on 31 st July 2010, the due date for filing tax returns by most taxpayers, as that day happens to be a Saturday. ITD has also been asked to make special arrangements by setting up additional counters from 28 th July to 31 st July 2010, to facilitate taxpayers in filing their income tax returns.

In Delhi, special counters will be set up in Pragati Maidan, as in earlier years, to receive about 5 lakh income tax returns that are filed in the last few days. The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi, will later announce the details of the special arrangements made for the taxpayers of Delhi. Counters will be opened to give additional and value-added services such as free return forms, photocopy, PAN application and information, e-filing, help desk, etc. Separate counters will also be opened for senior citizens and ladies, wherever required.

Similarly, special arrangements will be made in other major tax-collecting centers of the ITD such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, etc. The respective Chief Commissioners of Income Tax will announce details of arrangements made in these cities.

Taxpayers have been advised to use the e-filing facility of the Income Tax department to get faster and error-free services. It is easy, secure and can be availed of from anywhere anytime. E-filing service is available on the website

The Income Tax Rules have been recently amended to include Receipt Number on the TDS certificates as a mandatory field. It is clarified that Receipt Number will not be required for the income tax returns to be filed this year (assessment year 2010-11), but only from next year. Tax deductors are, however, requested to quote Receipt Number of the TDS return for all tax deducted from this financial year.

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0 responses to “CBDT clarifies no TDS receipt number required for filing Income Tax Return this year”

  1. Ibrahim Pk says:

    Whether it is mandatory to quote TDS return receipt number in TDS certificates issued during the FY: 2011-2012. It was not mandatory in FY: 2010-2011. Please clarify.

    The information is very useful for me.

    Ibrahim PK

  2. dattatreyahg says:

    As for ECS refund credits, CBDT should note that ECS advice does not indicate Principal amount and interest on Principal amount separately. Interst is taxable. Without knowing what is the interest element, how can taxpayers include this interest in their tax returns? Govt. should satisfy itself that it is not losing tax because of a deficiency in system arising out of this deficiency on the part of tax authoritiy.

  3. dattatreyahg says:

    I read somewhere that CBDT is claiming that direct tax collection has increased by 14.54%. I hope they are not counting a large amount that is being shown as UNMATCHED in Form26AS. They must know that it does not belong to them,but to Deductees who have paid their full taxes.

  4. dattatreyahg says:

    There are so many great minds sitting in CBDT,but they are not able to provide a simple solution to unmatched TDS credits. Keeping/utilising the unmatched TDS amounts is actually an offence as it amounts to utilising an amount that does not belong to Govt. ,but belongs to deductee. CBDT should think about it before it becomes a scam.

  5. S.P.SHARMA says:

    Yes I agree that CBDT has introduced ECS system for refunds but still today the some I.T. department is sending refund vouchers to assessee through advocates or authorised representatives. Regarding etds/etcs returns, it should be filed like ITRs as because facilitation centre is far from the assessees native place. The Assessee should allow additional time from 01st April, 2010 to that date on which the e-returns starts to work because it is not the fault of assessee/assessees advocates/assesses representatives.

  6. Amit Bajaj Advocate says:

    I agree with Mudit. The govt. should have introduced efiling of all ITR forms uptill now. Less than two months are left for the due date of filing ITRs what the govt is doing?

  7. free tax filings says:

    I like this concept of CBDT for no TDS receipt number required for filing Income Tax Return this year.

  8. pcchowdhry says:

    TIN-NSDL is not correctly booking the TDS amounts in the Tax Statement Form 26AS. TDS amounts are missing also. Refunds are now based on this bookings as form 16 is not attached with the IT Returns. This is a new headache for the tax payers. Mails to TIN NSDL are not even acknowledged,leave alone corrective action. Tax payers are advised to contact the tax deductor. Tax deductor issues the Form 16 and take no responsibility for the errors of TIN NSDL.

  9. surendra says:

    Dear Mudit, I agree with Mr. Akhilesh & you can also approach Ombudsman for help.

  10. akhilesh says:

    Dear Mudit, CBDT has introduced ECS system for refunds & new direct tax code has snatched provision of discretionary power of A.O.

  11. MUDIT AGRAWAL (Advocate) B.Com., M.B.A., LL.B. says:

    Well, this is amazing that government has not yet started e-filing facility for some forms (ITR 4,5,6) and is busy in irrelevant things which actually makes no sense other than making the TDS more complicated thing. Instead of making TDS returns annually like ITRs, government is still busy in quarterly filing of TDS returns which I am sure will make the things more complicated. Govt. must make at least three things to get rid of non matching:-
    1. TDS returns should be filed only once a year like ITRs.
    2. TDS returns should be allowed to be filed electornically like ITRs and there must be no need to make CD and there is no need of TFCs.
    3. TDS exemption limits must be increased specially in case of Interest and Commission from 5000 to 20000 in case of interest and 50000 in case of Commission.


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