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Ca Prasanna SudkeCircular 7T of 2015 have already simplified registration process under MVAT and CST Laws by making the entire registration procedure online. According to the Circular, application for Registration is to be filed online along with scanned documents and photographs. After filling the form online Registration Certificate shall be granted. However, the registering authority shall call the following applicants before him for physical verification of documents.

  • Applicant/person interested is found to have been involved in non-genuine business activities earlier
  • Applicant is dealing in commodities which are declared as risky by the Department

However, now, a Corrigendum to Trade Circular 7T of 2015 has been issued by the Commissioner of Sales Tax on 7th July, 2015 clarifying that if the Registering Authority finds that the application, scanned documents and the photograph are properly uploaded along with applicable fees, then Registration shall be granted within a day. As per Trade Circular 7T of 2015, generated TIN would be communicated to the applicant on the email id provided in the application and Certificate of Registration would be sent through registered post/courier on the address mentioned by the applicant.

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0 responses to “MVAT and CST Registration within a day”

  1. Vishal says:

    In the name of simplicity, the new procedure is trouble some. The officers are purposely rejecting applications even if there is no discrepancy saying though document is uploaded they have not received legible copy or on other flimsy grounds. We are not able to tell clients by what date they can expect registration. If application is cancelled, in case of voluntary registration, the effective date will change as per new application and in case of turnover based it may go beyond stipulated 30 days

  2. TAXWELL says:

    but officers r doing unnecesary delay bu sayin documents r not properly scanned

  3. CA Rahul Lotlikar says:

    The department is saying that they will take 10 days to clarify any deficiencies. They do not respond to queries nor are helping the online registration process to happen fast. I think they are purposely delaying registrations as they want the control in their hand. This way they can demand their part. Even after a month people are struggling to get the registrations.

  4. Sanjay Bhagat - STP says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your sharing of knowledge for simplified procedure of registration under MVAT & CST.

    However, I have filed 2 registration under both act on line with all respective documents, but the applications are got rejected 2 times.It is very time consuming job and its facing very problems.

  5. CA Abhijit Ranpise says:

    Sir many people are facing problem.
    not getting registration even after a months time is over since application.this new process is very very time consuming.
    u can ask fellow members about their experiences.

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