The evolving GST regime is no less than a farrago of implementation challenges and transmuting tax regulations. Amidst this whirlwind of evolutionary changes, Taxologists are struggling to stay abreast of the latest changes. In a pursuit of finding a robust solution that simplifies taxation end-to-end, leading taxologists are adopting technology to automate GST.

Industry leader, Thomson Reuters  to present the second edition of GST summit to bring forth the challenges faced by the industry and work towards finding solutions to the most common hitches.

The chief discussion points of the summit are

  • How is industry dealing with Anti-profiteering?
  • GSTN Perspective and How Technology has enabled GST Compliance
  • Intricacies of E-Way bill – Has GST achieved Supply Chain disruption?
  • Treatment of Exports & Imports under GST – Interplay with Customs & FTP
  • Input Tax Credit Eligibility – Industry Challenges
  • Litigation Trends and Experiences under GST
  • Innovation driven by GST

Watch the summit online live through this live streaming of the summit GST 2.0 –Hitting the Reset Button!

Thomson Reuters has introduced a ground breaking tax technology in the form of ONESOURCE which takes care of end-to-end GST from determination to compliance. The evolving regime is a major challenge and manual intervention in updating multiple ERPs is what drives the risk of inaccurate taxation. ONESOURCE automates the entire taxation and ensures 100% accuracy.

We are witnessing a new era of taxation. This new era calls for new technology. ONESOURCE seems to be the torchbearer all taxologists need in this time of turbulence.

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  1. Brajvir Singh says:

    Thanks For Sharing such s great information here about GST. ONESOURCE is the only India GST solution that integrates with our existing ERP(s) and simplifies GST.

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