SOP for Taxpayers-How to furnish reply in ASMT-11 against a Notice in ASMT-10

In order to furnish a reply in FORM GST ASMT-11 against a notice u/s. 61 of the CGST Act, 2017 in FORM GST ASMT-10, NOTICE FOR INTIMATING DISCRIPANCIES IN THE RETURN AFTER SCRUTINY, the following steps have to be performed.

1. As and when a proper officer issues a notice in FORM GST ASMT-10 an SMS will be received in taxpayer’s Registered Mobile No.

Notice vide Ref. No. ZJ3202200088011 dated
28/02/2020 has been issued.
Please furnish reply on or before 14/03/2020

2. If the taxpayer admits any amount and wishes to make payment of the admitted amount, pay accordingly in FORM GST DRC-03 (INTIMATION OF VOLUNTARY PAYMENT)

3. If the taxpayer wishes to furnish a detailed reply, prepare reply in detail in .pdf format and scan all the necessary enclosures, if any.4. After login, go to SERVICES>USER SERVICES>VIEW ADDITIONAL NOTICES/ORDERS


5. Click on View.

FORM GST DRC-03 images 1

6. You can view the Notice by downloading the attachments and status of the Notice will be Pending for reply by taxpayer.

FORM GST DRC-03 images 2

7. If the taxpayer likes to file a reply in FORM GST ASMT11, click on REPLIES

FORM GST DRC-03 images 3

8. Click on ADD REPLY then click on NOTICE

FORM GST DRC-03 images 4

9. Enter Reply in the relevent field. It is mandatory.

If detailed reply has to be furnished, tax payer can upload the reply using the Browse option. If any amount is admitted and paid enter the tax period and values in the relevant fields.

FORM GST DRC-03 images 5

FORM GST DRC-03 images 6

10. Upload the documents such as FORM GST DRC-03(if any amount paid on the basis of notice), Detailed Reply(if required), Enclosures(if any).

Taxpayer can upload in .pdf/.jpeg format upto 4 attachments of 5Mb each.

Click on Verification, Select Authorized Signatory, Enter Place then Click on FILE

FORM GST DRC-03 images 7

11. Click on SUBMIT WITH EVC or SUBMIT WITH DSC, as the case may be.

FORM GST DRC-03 images 8

12. Taxpayer will receive a message like

FORM GST DRC-03 images 9

13. Status will be changed to Reply furnished, pending for order by tax officer

FORM GST DRC-03 images 10

14. If proper officer accepts the reply, he will issue Order of acceptance of reply against the notice issued under section 61 in FORM GST ASMT-12. The order will be available under ORDERS and the status will be changed to Order for dropping proceedings issued.

FORM GST DRC-03 images 11

15. If reply is not accepted, the proper officer will recommend the case to proceed with Sec. 65 or 66 or 67 or 73 or 74. The said action of the proper officer will not be reflected in the common portal for the time being.

Prepared / Compiled by- GST CELL, Palakkad

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