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a) Form GSTR-2B is an auto-drafted ITC statement which will be displayed for every registered person on the basis of the information furnished by his suppliers in their respective GSTR-1, GSTR-5 (non-resident taxable person) and GSTR-6 (input service distributor).

b) It is a static statement and will be made available for each month, on the 12thday of the succeeding month meaning no change will be made thereafter in GSTR-2B unlike GSTR-2A which was dynamic. 

2. Key features in GSTR-2B 

a) Information on import of goods from the ICEGATE system including inward supplies received from SEZ Units/Developers will be made available now. (This is not available in GSTR-2B for the month of July and will be made available for the month of Aug 2020 w.e.f. 12th Aug 2020.)

b) A summary statement which shows all the ITC available and non-available along with reasoning for such non-availability under each section.

c) Document level details of all invoices, credit notes, debit notes etc. is also provided both for viewing and download purpose.

d) The month for which details are filed as well as date of filing of the respective return will also be provided at invoice level.

3. Detailed discussion

a) The Form will contain summary as well as invoice level information of ITC available and ITC not available column.

b) The Form will contain following details:

Sr. No. Heading of the details which will be shown Remarks
1. ITC available – B2B supply Details regarding purchases made from registered suppliers who have uploaded the invoices in GSTR-1 and amendment thereof will be shown.
2. ITC available- Inward supplies received from ISD Details of supplies which have been declared and filed by an ISD and amendment thereof in his FORM GSTR-6 will be shown.
3. ITC available – inward supplies liable to RCM Details of supplies on which recipient is liable to pay which have declared and filed by the suppliers will be shown.
4. ITC available – import of goods a)  2 separate worksheets will be shown each containing details of import of goods from foreign countries and import of goods from SEZ unit or developer.

b)  The ICEGATE reference date provided in the worksheet will be the date when ITC would be available

c)  The tables will also show amendments if any made to Bill of entries.

d)  Information regarding import of goods by courier will not be available.

5. ITC available – Others Details of Credit Notes declared and filed by the suppliers and any amendment made thereof will be shown.
6. ITC not available – B2B supply Details of supplies declared and filed by registered suppliers in their FORM GSTR-1 and 5 but satisfy either of the two conditions mentioned at 4 (d) below.
7. ITC not available – Inward supply received from ISD Details of supplies declared and filed by ISD in their FORM GSTR-6 but satisfy either of the two conditions mentioned at 4 (d) below.
8. ITC not available – inward supply liable to RCM Details of supplies declared and filed by suppliers where recipient is liable to pay in their FORM GSTR-1 and 5 but satisfy either of the two conditions mentioned at 4 (d) below.
9. ITC not available – Others Details of Credit Notes issued by suppliers which satisfy either of the two conditions mentioned at 4(d) below.

Key points to be noted 

a) Reverse charge credit on import of services is not a part of this statement and should be entered by taxpayers in Table 4(A)(2) of FORM GSTR-3B.

b) The documents furnished by the supplier in any GSTR-1,5 and 6 would reflect in the GSTR-2B of the recipient irrespective of the date of issuance of the concerned document. For example, if a supplier furnishes a document 1-2020/21 dt. 17.04.2020 in the FORM GSTR-1 for the month of July, 2020 filed on 11th August 2020, the details of 1-2020/21 dt. 17.04.2020 will get reflected in GSTR-2B of July 2020 (generated on 12th August 2020) and not in the GSTR-2B of May, 2020.

c) Details of all the documents in GSTR-2B is made available online as well as through download facility.

d) Credit shown as “ITC Not available” covers the following scenarios only –

i. Invoice or debit note for supply of goods or services or both where the recipient is not entitled to input tax credit as per the provisions of 16(4) of CGST Act, 2017.

ii. Invoice or debit note where the Supplier (GSTIN) and place of supply are in the same State while recipient is in another State.

If there is any other ITC (e.g. blocked credit u/s 17(5)) which is not shown in ‘ITC not available’ tab but the taxpayer is not eligible for ITC of the same then that ITC shall not be taken by the taxpayers.

e) Unlike GSTR-2A, there is no need to wait for 20 minutes. The files are available for download and there is no requirement of generation of those files.

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  1. Niraj PM says:

    For the month of September 2020, GSTR 2A shows invoice and gst details based on GSTR 1 filed by the supplier, but not showing in GSTR 2B for ITC availability. On verifying noted that the supplier has lately filed GSTR 1. In this scenario when we can claim ITC. Whether in the month of September 2020 (based on entry in GSTR 2A) or in the month when it reflects in GSTR 2B? Please clarify

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