FAQ for dealers requesting for CST Forms in Maharashtra

1. Where do I get the New Template of SOR?

Answer- To download the new SOR template, please visit http://www.mahavat.gov.in/Select: ‘Downloads’ And Click on ‘Forms’. On the ‘Electronic Forms’ page, click on the New SOR Template.

2. May I require separate log in ID for availing services of eCST Forms?

Answer: – No, log in ID for all e-services is same.

3. My request for CST Forms is pending in old system. Can/should I apply again in new system for same requirement?

Answer: – Your old requests would simultaneously be processed by department. You are not required to apply again for same requirement. However, option is open to dealers. Since the expected delivery time would be lesser in new system the dealers may apply for same requirement in new system. Only the condition is that they need to apply for cancelation/withdrawal of old SOR before concerned CRO Officer.

4. Whether E-mail ID & Mobile numbers are mandatory in SOR?

Answer: – The mail id & mobile number of issuing dealer and mail id of accepting dealers are mandatory. The mobile no of accepting dealer is NOT mandatory. However, dealers may provide mobile no of accepting dealers to facilitate the seamless communication among all the stakeholders (issuing as well as accepting dealers) about CST Forms.

5. May I submit a single SOR requesting any CST Form for any period?

Answer: – A registered dealer can apply for any CST Form (Form C, F, H, E-1 & E2) of any Financial Year in a single SOR.

6. Can I apply multiple times for CST Forms for a same dealer for same period?

Answer: – You can apply only two times for CST Forms for the same receiving dealer for the same period.

7. Can I get the CST Forms if I am short filer, non-filler of Returns/Form-704 and/or have dues outstanding against me?

Answer: – No. You would be required to file Returns, Form 704 for the period of defaults you have made. You are also required to pay all outstanding dues, if any, available for recovery (Form 213, Assessment dues, Penalty dues).

8. How many times can I respond to defect memo?

Answer: – Only once.

9. How to submit digital CST Forms to our suppliers stationed outside the state?

Answer: – The Serial No of CST Form generated is communicated to Form Accepting dealers through autogenerated mail and autogenerated sms (if mail and mobile no of suppliers are disclosed in SOR). The Form accepting dealer can view and check the validity of CST Form at www.mahavat.gov.in. However, if accepting dealer demands the Form you may download the Forms through mahavat login and get it printed. Care need to be taken to validate the Digital Signature before printing the Form. You may sign, seal and send it to dealers as requested.

10. What type of software/technical specifications is/are needed for getting digital forms?

Answer: – Adobe Acrobat Reader-Version XI or above is required to view the digital Form and also to validate the Digital Signature.

11. How many times I take printout of digital forms?

Answer: – As per your requirements. These forms would be available in system for 8 years.

12. Is there any system for issuing dealer to view the forms?

Answer: – The issuing dealer can view the CST Forms after they log in at www.mahavat.gov.in. (View Download CST forms- Enter one of the search criteria like the Form Serial Number/TIN of Accepting Dealer/Transaction ID/Period etc).

13. Is there any system for accepting dealer to view the forms?

Answer- The accepting dealer can view the Forms at www.mahavat.gov.in . (Click on Download-then click on View of CST Forms- Enter the Form Serial Number)

14. After receiving the Forms it is noticed that we forgot to mention certain invoices in SOR itself and therefore, they are not appearing in Forms. What is the remedy available?

Answer:-You have 2 options- 1) You may cancel the corresponding already received Form and apply again as a whole considering the left out requirement, OR 2) You may apply for balance invoices only.

15. My return filling periodicity is six monthly. Can I apply for CST Forms before filling of Return?

Answer: – No, filing of Return before application for CST Forms is a mandatory requirement. In case dealer needs Forms quarterly or monthly then he should apply/request to Additional CST (VAT-2) for change of periodicity before the commencement of Financial Year.

16. How to apply for forms which are lost?

Answer: – There is no possibility of CST Forms being lost. The scenario would be applicable only in case of already issued Physical Forms. In this case, the dealer is required to upload a fresh SOR. In addition, he would be required to submit copy of complaint logged in police station, advertisement in local and English language newspaper and Form G, as prescribed under CST Act. In case of Form lost outside the state he has to submit NOC from Competent Authority of that State.

17. If any specific

In order to improve the service delivery of CST Forms new eCST Module is being released shortly for the use of trade. For details please visit www.mahavat.gov.in.


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