PUBLIC NOTICE N0. 05 (RE:2012)/2009-2014

NEW DELHI    DATED   14.06.2012

Subject:     Amendment of SION E-125 under Food Product Group.

            In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-2014 and Paragraph 1.1 of Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby amends the description of  import item “Tonsil Bleaching Earth” appearing at Serial No.2 of SION E-125 under Food Product Group to read as “Activated Bleaching Earth”.

            There is no other change in either  the description or permissible quantity of import  item or the description  and quantity of the export item..  The amended SION would be  as under:

Sl. No. Export Item


Quantity   Import Item Qty. Allowed
E-125 Shea Stearine 1 MT


1 Shea Nuts (Oil content 45 +/- 1%)


Shea Butter

5.20 MT**



2.295 MT

2 Activated Bleaching Earth 0.05 MT
3 Acetone 0.04 MT

**For every one percent increase in the oil content beyond 46% in Shea Nut, the permitted quantity for its import may decrease by 150 kgs on pro-rata basis and for every one percent decrease in oil content below 44% in Shea Nut, the permitted quantity for its import may increase by 150 kgs on prorata basis.

“Note:- For item No. 1 of import items viz. Shea Nuts, Customs authority to draw samples for every Bill of Entry and test the same for its oil content. The Customs authority to endorse on the Bill of Entry the oil content of each consignment. Regional Authority to redeem authorizations based on the weighted average of oil content so endorsed by the Customs authority. However, clearance of import consignments should not be held back till the results are obtained, but to be  allowed upon customs examination & drawing of samples.”

2.  Effect of this Public Notice:

            The word “Tonsil Bleaching Earth” appearing in SION E-125 for export item ‘Shea Stearine’ has been substituted by “Activated Bleaching Earth” as Tonsil is the brand name of the Company. There is no other change.

(Anup K. Pujari)

 Director General of Foreign Trade



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