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GST Registration Cancellation: HC should not exercise jurisdiction for failure to pursue alternate remedies

April 5, 2024 339 Views 0 comment Print

Review the judgment of Nitya Enterprises Hathidah vs. State of Bihar through the Commissioner from Patna High Court regarding the cancellation of registration under the Bihar GST Act.

Exemption u/s. 10(10AA) differentiating Government and other employees not violative of Article 14: Patna HC

March 5, 2024 390 Views 0 comment Print

Patna High Court’s judgment on leave encashment tax exemption for government vs other employees, detailing differentiation, constitutional validity, and implications.

GST Registration Cancellation: Patna HC dismisses Appeal Over Delayed Compliance

March 1, 2024 411 Views 0 comment Print

Patna High Court dismisses plea against GST registration cancellation due to appeal delay and non-compliance. Read the full judicial analysis here.

HC Criticizes GST Registration Cancellation, Emphasizes Need for Detailed Notices

February 24, 2024 747 Views 0 comment Print

Dive into the Patna High Court judgment on Vaishno Traders challenge against BGST and CGST assessment orders. Explore cancellation issues, legal violations, and the impact on the petitioner’s business.

Patna HC Upholds Settlement Commission Order: Rule 9 Report Validated

February 22, 2024 180 Views 0 comment Print

Patna High Court validates Settlement Commission’s decision despite Income Tax Department’s representation. Analysis provided on Rule 9 report and procedure adherence.

Patna HC Stays GST Recovery Against SBI Life: GSTAT Non-constitution

February 16, 2024 273 Views 0 comment Print

Read about Patna High Court’s decision to stay GST recovery proceedings against SBI Life Insurance due to non-constitution of GSTAT. Full judgment included.

Bihar HC Upholds GST Registration Cancellation for Non-Filing of Returns

February 16, 2024 324 Views 0 comment Print

Read about the Bihar High Court’s decision confirming the cancellation of GST registration due to non-filing of returns and the petitioner’s failure to avail of appellate remedies.

VAT Re-assessment notice after limitation period: HC allows writ petition

February 8, 2024 342 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the Patna High Court’s ruling on reassessment orders by the State of Bihar, highlighting limitations under the VAT Act and the implications for Birla Corporation Ltd.

Patna High Court Dismisses Plea Against GST Registration Cancellation

January 19, 2024 345 Views 0 comment Print

In a recent judgment, the Patna High Court dismissed a writ petition challenging the cancellation of GST registration by the Union of India. The petitioner, Ramesh Radav, contended that the cancellation order, dated 20.01.2021, was based on a show-cause notice that directed appearance on 04.01.2021.

Patna HC Directs Full GST Refund Due to Absence of GST Appellate Tribunal in Bihar

January 19, 2024 936 Views 0 comment Print

Patna High Court directs full GST refund, imposes 12% interest for default, and fines Patliputra circle Rs. 5000. Key update on National Insurance Co. Ltd. Vs State of Bihar case.