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No: IRDA/INT/CIR/ECM/083/04/2017

Dated: 11th April 2017

Circular on Filing of online application for Insurance Self Networking Platform (ISNP) as per IRDAI’s Guidelines on insurance e-commerce dated 9th March. 2017

In our endeavour to increase insurance penetration through the medium of e-commerce, the Authority has issued guidelines on insurance e-commerce vide circular No. IRDA/INT/GDL/ECM/055/03/2017 on 09th March 2017.

Insurance companies, brokers and corporate agents can sell and service insurance policies through this platform.

The Authority announces the launch of registration portal for insurance Self Networking platform for online registration.

The insurers and insurance intermediaries may access it using the following URL:


Through this portal, the insurers and insurance intermediaries can:

1. Create a login credential for registration.

2. Submit the ISNP application form online.

3. Generate a print version of the application form with all details pre-fiiled.

In addition insurers and insurance intermediaries can:

1. Download the guidelines on e-commerce

2. Know more about ISNP and read FAQs section

3. Track the status i read the important announcements from IRDAI

The insurers and insurance intermediaries may also read the enclosed “Quick Start Guide” before submitting online application.

(P.J. Joseph)

Member (Non-Life)

Encl: As above

0nline Registration Portal Self Network Platform

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