What is the use of this facility?

Since the creation of the multiple Regional Offices in some of the States, the erstwhile used State Codes were changed for 19 Regional Offices. Moreover, after the implementation of the Computerisation Project in the EPFO Offices, the members account number uses the Office code also even when the Region Codes had not changed.

Since the EPF members and even some employers were not aware of the new Region and Office codes, the facility has been provided to search the code number of an establishment and the EPFO Office under which the establishment is making the PF remittances.

A visitor to the website, who knows any one of the search fields, namely his account number starting with the old State code, name of his establishment, part name of the establishment, office under which his accounts are maintained etc can search the details of the establishment and also view:

1. Each electronic return (TRRN) wise payments made by the employer since April 2012,

2. Name of the members for whom the electronic

3. Advantages of the facility for: MEMBERS: Can check whether their employer has remitted dues and if yes whether his/her name appears in the list of employees. If yes, then only the e-passbook upto that month will be available on the Member Portal.

Employers: Can check whether the remittances made by them has reflected in the list of payments and whether the member pass book against any ECR has been made available. If yes, it will be available for download on login to the employer portal.

Principal Employers: Can check the remittances by their contractor establishments and the names of their contractual employees.


 The following screen will appear. The visitor has the choice to select one of the optione out of the three, namely the Old Region Code, the Office name or the PIN code where the establsihment is located.

He can additionally also select and enter the name and the numeric part of the Establishment code number, if the same is known to the visitor.EPFO 2

The old codes will appear as follows.

EPFO 3If the visitor knows the office name under which the establishment is complying, he can select the office name.


The search can be made also by only entry of the part name of the establishment.


On click of search, all establishments that match the entered data will be listed.


The data displayed is:

i. Code number in old pattern

ii. Code number with new Region Code and the Office code.

iii. Name of the establishment

iv. Address of the establishment as per the current data in EPFO Office database.

v. PIN Code

vi. EPFO Office under which the accounts of the establishment are maintained.

vii. The name of Regional Office

viii. Name of the Additional Central Commissioner having supervisory jurisdiction over the EPFO Office.

ix. Payment Details link to display the payments from April 2012

On click of Payment link, a pop up screen will appear. The top part will have the name and establishment code (has been hidden in this screen) and the ECR wise (TRRN-Temporary return reference number) (TRRNs have been hidden) payments.


The number of employees will have hyperlink.

On click of any hyperlink, the list of employees will appear in a pop up screen.


The screen will display the name address and code number of the establishment. (Hidden here).

Names of each member for whom the return was uploaded will also be listed. Note: The PF number will not be displayed. The number in the column

1 is only a serial number.

The names are as per the name entered in that electronic return (ECR).


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