Maharashtra State has introduced the DEEMED CONVEYANCE SCHEME FOR CO-OP. HSG SOCIETIES.This scheme will help societies  in getting conveyance of the land in their name in a fast track manner. Scheme is starting from 15/12/2012 to 30/06/2013.One more scheme for Registration of societies is also starting wherein all unregistered societies can get registered.

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3 responses to “Deemed Conveyance Scheme for Co-Op. Hsg Societies in Maharashtra”

  1. Tushar k Dhar says:

    wish to go for Conveyance of our society at the earliest. May we get your assistance to progress.
    Society: Chhotalal Villa Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd.
    mem,bers: 60
    address: Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar(west), Mumbai-400086.
    contact no. 9833916693. Tushar k Dhar
    Let know, what may be the cost required- stage wise.

    • Datta Joshi says:

      You may contact Sahkar Bharati for this purpose on Mob. No. 9767316956

    • CA Shilpa Shinagare says:

      You may contact us on 9820053395.we will help you in getting the conveyance/ deemed conveyance. CA Shilpa Shinagare..Office at Lokhandwala Kandivli.

  2. Ramakant Kulthe says:


    I bought the flat and society formed by builder. Now society demand for deemed conveyance from builder.

    The society demand to flat owner as contribution for deemed conveyance expenses.

    Sir, who bear the all expenses for deemed conveyance as per law?

    Kindly guide me.

  3. GANESH S IYER says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Thakurli (east) Our Socitety is now done the Land convaynce deed from the builer. we are total 20 members we are contribution done Rs 12,000/- each and after with on Advacate thru the land convayance is done.


    The Society Secrety and Chairman is not giving a copy of the Convayance deed paper and for our records. The chairman is told this papers are one handling the socitety chairman and secretary. How to get one copy is available or any procedure please replay

    Ganesh s iyer
    mobile no 9987673499
    EMIL ID :

  4. sanjay thavi says:

    How much money need to pay to the Govt. for conveyance deed ??

  5. Bhawani Singh Bhati says:

    Dear Sir,

    As we our secretary has resign from his post, and he told us that new procedure of election is more tough. as he tell us that there will be deposit of 17000 for whosoever wants to stand in the election and the committee will come from Pune Maharashtra and also mention that Palghar district has different rules, as previous Vasai was in the thane now it is in the Palghar district so rules are change.

    As all the member of society want to elect one person and don’t want this long procedure, is there any way that all member decide to elect one man for their secretary post without going the way which he told.

    The all are happy to name one person with their mutual consent.

    Please let me know its urgent to know.

  6. Bhawani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I purchase my second flat, in the same building with both my name and my wife name. and she is associate member of new flat, but I want her to be member of society, is there any way to do this, please let me know, the section bylaws, because society member needs to know if such things are in bylaws or not

  7. Bhawani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase flat – resale and my old owner has already given conveyance changes and registration and stump duty fees to society, still society wants me to pay the same charges again. they are saying if deeds are not done till now you have to pay, once deed is done you don’t need to pay this charges.

    I want to know if bylaws has any such procedure, please let me know as he was saying this is written in the bylaws and rule of gov.

    Please help me as thy asking society transfer fees + conveyance charges + stamp duty registration charges.

  8. satish patil says:

    My society is not form by builder that is formed apartment . Is it possible for deemed conveyance

  9. KIRANKUMAR says:

    our society, on getiing deemed conveyance adjudication order paid stamp duty by taking loans against Fixed Deposits of Repair Fund. Members don’t want to contribute for the stamp duty and are asking to withdraw entire repair fund and adjust the stamp duty amount. A resoution to that effect was passed. We wrote to Federation, who informed us that it is null and void, and members will have to contribute. Is there any provision in deemed conveyance act that society funds should never be utilised for payment of stamp duty?

  10. Vinod L. Jinde says:

    Dear Sir,

    WE have registered our Housing Co.op. Society Ltd in the year 1997, now we have to make deemed conveyance agreement. Society is belong to DRS 1986 scheme by CIDCO. I want to know the procedure to get deemed conveyance deed in our Society name and what are the document require and whom to contact, whether we have toappoint Advocate or ourselves by our representative will do. Please send document list & way to make deemed conveyance deed.

  11. Iyer says:

    I am selling a flat at New panvel which was purchased from a builder & duly regd in 07.07.2000. stamp duty paid was Rs 13,500/- & agreement value was Rs 5.31 lacs. Pl let me know how much I have to pay for deemed conveyance being applied now. How much my buyer has to pay for DC. pl advise asap. Thanks

  12. KIRANKUMAR says:

    In various societies in and around Mumbai, various members have purchased flats and have paid stamp duty as applicable as per law. However, though mandatary/compulsory, they have not got their agreements registered with the respective statutory authorities as per law. They have been made members of the respective cooperative housing societies and have the share certificates transferred in their name.
    As per amendment, they were supposed to get their respective flats registered and were given last chance to get their agreements duly registered at the time of deemed conveyance.
    If these members are not coming forward to get their agreements registration, then is it the duty of the secretary or managing committee to debar them from membership as stated in new bye laws? Or is it the duty of the auditors for taking action?
    If such members are made to register their respective agreements, how will you calculate the stampduty? Will it not be required as they have already paid or is it on the basis of current market rate?
    If such members refuse to cooperate to pay stamp duty at the current prevailing price, as they have already paid applicable stamp duty in past, who will pay the stamp duty?
    As per latest amendments, both the parties to the agreement, buyer as well as seller needs to be present at the time of registration of agreements. In case, sellers are no more and have expired, can such agreements still be registered?
    Is it fair to stop them from voting rights in the society activities as they have willfully not completed the mandatory provisions as per law?
    Has the secretary of the society got the right to ask such members to vacate such premises?

  13. Ramchandra S. Jadhav says:

    I am a Secretary of registered co-op. Hsg. society at Mulund. The Builders continued construction beyond permissible limit of 6 floors by raising slabs upto 7th & 8th floor. BMC stopped the work in the year 2000. The Builders then neglected the work and for the last 14 years the Building stands in the same position. All the flats upto 6 floors are already occupied. The Builders had sold 3 flats, two on 7th floor and one at 8th floor. As these floors were not constructed, the Builders allowed them to occupy 3 vacant flats on 1st floor on temporary basis. These 3 buyers are staying for more than 10 years on 1st floor on temporary basis although they have paid stamp duty and registered the documents for flats on 7th & 8th floors. Now the Society Has got deemed conveyance of land and Building thereon and all documents are transferred in Society’s name. The Builders have filed writ petition in High court challenging deemed conveyance order in November ’13 which is yet to come for hearing for admitting. Kindly advise whether the Society can regularize the Flats on 1st floor given to them on temporary basis in lieu of flats on 7th & 8th floors by ratification/ rectification deed in view of deemed conveyance granted to them.

  14. CHACKO says:

    need a solution how to go about

    our building is nearly 30 years old. it stands on a plot where there is big society named tarun bharat society at andheri chakala, which hold small plots of land on lease to land lords our building stands on such a plot. the land owner had given the plot to the builder to develop residential flats, the builder developed the building and sold to us and registered the document and outright sale. in the agreement it was written that it is for 999 years of lease. the builder during the time had said that we are the actual owners of the flat and not tenents . there are 15 flats in the building and three flats are occupied by the land lord. the builder said they are the same as we are. we 12 members formed a society where in we did not include the land owner as he was not favourable to it in 2001. we occupied the flat in 1982. one said the we cannot form a society within a society. i.e. tarun bharat society is a big society which holds these plots of land under lease for 999. we obtained the noc and formed the society. no w it is almost 30 years the building is in dilapitated situation where pillars are having crack and ceilings too.we approached the builder for a redevelopment and agreed to when the builder approached the land lords they say that they are not interested let the building fall and the land will be ours and rest 12 members will be out and nothing will help them to gain access. in short they are expecting the building to fall. when we enquired with tarun bharat society we came to know that the land lord has taken an noc from tarun bharat without our knowledge and transferred the or added name of its legal heirs in the society of tarun bharat which is a fraud committed by the tarun bharat. many people are harrassed by Mr, nair who is the main person of tarun bharat society where in a huge sum of money is extracted from builders for redeveloping the plot small to small rs. 500 per. sq.ft. a royalty etc. for its members or plot owners.

    our question is how do we tackle such a situation where in such a atrocities are done by land lords to flat owners as all are middle income group and senior citizens staying in the building and no one knows how to handle the situation to bring to task the land lords.
    can any one suggests us what to do about because now the builder for redevelopment is also backing out saying it is difficult to tackle such a landlord. how to go about for conveyance as the building is more than 30 years old and no documents are obtained from the bmc neither from the builders as the partners are all dead. its a complex situation and do not know how to handle the process.

    does anyone can help us can email me at

  15. Adv. Vijay Kulkarni says:

    Hi All,

    Firstly, due to workload, i could visit this site, which is one of the most popular site, which provides opportunity for all to interact on Deemed Conveyance,

    Dear Mahendra Mange,

    You can visit concerned city Survey Office in your Area and file an Application for updating your Society name, you can also read the enclosed news in the enclosed useful link,

    Adv VIjay Kulkarni

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