pri CIVIL Contracts under Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) CIVIL Contracts under Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN)

Civil Contractors needs prior registration under various government departments to grab contract under such department. One of such department is DHBVN (Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam. DHBVN is a state-owned power distribution utility company owned by the Government of Haryana having its headquarters in Hisar, Haryana.

DHBVN has two operation zones – Hisar & Delhi. DHBVN is responsible for the Distribution of Electricity in 12 districts of Haryana which are as follows: –

1. Bhiwani

2. Fatehabad

3. Faridabad

4. Gurgaon

5. Hisar

6. Mewat

7. Mohindergarh

8. Rewari

9. Sirsa

10. Jind

11. Charkhi Dadri

12. Palwal

However, before understanding the procedural Requirements to get empaneled under DHBVN, you really need to know about the type of work contracts you can grab from DHBVN :

1. Civil Construction works related to roads.

2. Construction work of Office Building, Quarters for Staff parks and Colonies.

3. Contracts related to repair and maintenance of Old quarters and office Building.

4. Contracts for maintenance of Parks and roadblocks.

5. Contracts related to Office Furniture.

6. Contracts related to Electricity pole fittings and extraction.

7. Contracts relating to lay electric wires.

8. Contracts relating to manpower and security etc.

Construction Companies are divided into various class on the basis of amount of tender work you want to apply under DHBVN :

Class V : Can Apply small tenders upto 1 lac. Companies do no require any solvency Certificate or any work experience to register under this class.

Class IV : Can apply tender upto 5 lac. Companies do not require any solvency certificate but company should have completed at least 5 petty works costing more than 2lacs each during past 3 yrs.

Class III : Can apply tenders upto 20 lacs. Companies need to obtain an Solvency Certificate from bank of 5 Lacs and should have completed at-least 5 works costing more than 10 lacs each during past 3 years.

Class II :  Can apply tenders upto 50 lacs. Companies need to obtain an Solvency Certificate from bank of 15 lacs and should have completed at-least 5 works costing more than 30 lacs each during past 3 years.

Class I :  Can apply tenders upto any limit. Companies need to obtain an Solvency Certificate from bank of 25 lacs and should have completed at-least 2 works costing more than 1cr each during past 3 years.

After Registration of the contractor under DHBVN, a contract card shall be issued within 30 days from date of receipt of application and contractors are enlisted In Nigam Website if all the requirements are fulfilled.

Every Contractor need to Renew his Registration card once in every 3 years.

Various Charges to be paid to get Empaneled under DHBVN 

Class of Companies Registration Fees
Class I Rs 5000
Class II Rs 4000
Class III Rs 3000
Class IV Rs 1000
Class V Rs 500

Some Key Take Insights:

  • Cost of application form is Rs 500 and Cost of Registration card Rs 100 are exclusive of Above registration fees and needs to be included in Demand Draft to be issued for registration. Hence Contractors need to be calculated exact amount of Demand Draft to avoid un necessary Banking Rounds.
  • Demand Draft is to be issued in favor of “Xen Civil Works DHBVN”
  • Fee once paid is non-Refundable in any case.
  • Registration Fees has to be paid again on Renewal of Registration Card.

These are some basic insights a contractor needs to know to grab Civil contracts under DHBVN or if any person is thinking to start a Civil Contractors Business.

In my next article I will put some light on another government Department from which you can grab good civil contracts.

Website for DHBVN Tenders is :

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