Preference of e-Journal over Hard Copy of Journal

Kind Attention: All Members of ICAI

The Office of Editorial Board, of late, had received requests from some of the ICAI members asking us to stop sending free (mandatory) hard copy of the Journal and begin sending the soft copy instead. The Editorial Board appreciates their environment-friendly concerns. Sometimes, reasons could be entirely different, e.g. more members are at the same address.

Before we act on such requests to stop sending the hard copy of Journal, we would like to know opinion from other members too, in this regard, i.e. if you would prefer soft copy of the Journal to the hard copy version.

We request you to let us know about your opinion on this matter and send us an email to

Editorial Board (Source- ICAI)


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  1. CA MUTHUKORI says:

    This is an excellent move.Soft copies should be sent in pdf mode .That will save on printing cost,publishing cost and paper cost.The money that they will save can be used for student welfare activities.Also stale news will be done away with as the journal takes minimum of 7-10 days to reach a member.
    This is going to help in fast way of communication especially with ads.

    Finally ICAI has woken up from its deep slumber and taken a very good step for the future.

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