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Today I am sharing some strategies for passing CA exams. Hope this article will help you in your studies..!!!

1. First of all, Please don’t refer old materials and additional 4-5 supplement notes rather than this study from updated materials. There should be single book covering all the updates & changes for the particular attempt.

2. If you failed in previous exams, then your have to read something extra then earlier. Like if you have not read Study materials then read this time.

3. If you have failed earlier, then after results came out, please don’t study for 15 days…yes..u heard right..do not study…15 days…rather then revise your prior exams strategy & formulate new exams strategies after discussing with your seniors who passed that exams and also apply for certified copies of all the subjects.

4. One more thing, keep in your mind that passing the ca examination is as much important as taking breath, when you desire so deeply than no body can stop you.

5. Don’t read Newspaper & TV news because many times negative news impact our mind and reduces our concentration & focus. Please keep some distance for some time.

6. Please keep limited contacts with people.

7. Don’t change your methodology of study because someone is following some other things.

8. Don’ ask from too many people that “how to read” and “how to pass” as everyone is different as per their capabilities & memory.

9. Give your 100% and forget the rest.

10. Please keep strong interest & love for atleast two subjects of each group if you wanna pass.

11. Don’t give up till the last minute of exams.

*All the above points are from personal experiences and 100% accurate.


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