Work pressure, deadline pressure, boss pressure, colleague non co-operation pressure, family responsibility and expectation pressure, relationship pressure, children’s education and future related pressure, after retirement life pressure and in case of student, study pressure, exam pressure, result pressure etc. List just goes on and on.

If you see the above list, every aged person is under lot of pressure and related stress; of which I think most of it is created by our own deeds, actions and reactions. Everyone one of us knew the adverse impacts of the stress. But even then we don’t take much effort to curb it completely. We are just happy with the way we are living. We just dream stress free life. Many of us start taking efforts to reduce the stress but in midway they lose the patience and back to the routine which they follow for years and again become the victim of stress.

Habits are either good or bad. If they are good we excel in every part of our life but if they are bad we are exact opposite of it. My point is everyone can convert good deeds, actions into good habits by daily practice, patience and consistency which in turn definitely reduce the level of stress we are going through.

Stress is of two types:-

  • Controllable stress
  • Uncontrollable stress

Controllable stress is stress which we can control by daily practice and installing good habits. Stress which we can control is stress due to work pressure, deadlines, and relationships.

Uncontrollable stress are result of sudden unexpected situation in life such as sudden death of close one, sudden health issue in the family and also over thinking about future which is not in our hand. However, we can also able to convert this uncontrollable stress into controllable one. But this need tremendous work on our own daily rituals.

Ways to Live Stress Free Life

  • Plan for both Personal and professional life and put that plan on paper
  • More importantly Act as per Plan
  • Priotorise things
  • Analyze yourself with some time gap along with self talk
  • Put on paper every negative thought comes in your mind along with way to come out on your own. If no way found to come out just put negative thought and move ahead.
  • Spend time with Family. As remember time once gone is gone forever. It will never come back.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes of day in nature. Either in morning or in evening or even in night.
  • Have a look into your daily eatables
  • Always compare your problem or any adverse situation with the ones who have a problem or adverse situation more difficult than you.

No one is here without any problem. But remember every problem has solution.

So Let’s Start together to work on own self !!

Wish you Happy…Smiling…and Stress Free Life.

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