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Urja Mahesh KariaClose your eyes. Now, imagine you are standing on the very edge of a cliff. You are watching the sun set, beautiful orange sky, you can feel the winds touching your face and making you smile, and all of a sudden you sense some invisible force behind you. You start feeling as if it’s pushing you, trying to beat you down and make you fall down. It keeps on pushing you, the pressure is invincible and somehow you know you will collapse. Now that you’re losing your balance, you got two options:

  • Either you fall down towards the ground, letting the fall kill you
  • or you prefer to fly and not let that force make you helpless

This same thing happens with us every time. The cliff is our life, the invisible force standing right behind us which makes its presence always felt are all the problems – fear, tension, anxiety, hate, worries, people who despise you and innumerable other problems existing on Mother Earth.Why should we make these forces drive us down the cliff loosing what is most important to us, our own existence? Why can’t we swap places with them? Why we can’t we push them down the cliff. Can we? Of course we can’.

This is the question we must ask ourselves whenever we are being beaten up by any such invisible force – To Fall or to fly? And trust me whenever there is any such doubt in our mind and you ask yourself this question with utmost of sincerity the answer you receive will always be, FLY, KEEP FLYING HARD.

Will there be other birds when we try to fly? Of course there will be. What would sky be if it weren’t for all the birds? There is no joy in being the single bird in a sky full of abundance. Numerous different colorful, beautiful birds make the sky worth looking at.

There will always be some problems pushing you down, but then there will also be sunsets, beautiful orange skies and roaring winds. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As Tyler Knott Gregson said,

Reach into your chest and tear the gates down,

shake life into your heart and throw it into the air.

Let falling become flying

Because we never forget how.

Let falling become flying and don’t wait,

never wait for your bird to come home.

There’s no reason for the cage of ribs around our hearts.

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  1. Saurabh Arora says:

    I would definitely agree to Priti that it is OOrja Giving Article. Very nicely written….Keep it up Oorja….and Keep on writing…..

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