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Taxability on Conversion of Private Limited Company To LLP

January 4, 2020 82557 Views 6 comments Print

The LLP is one the popular mode of doing the business in India. The LLP Act has provided to convert a private limited company to LLP. The Income tax Act 1961 also has been amended by inserting the provisions related to such conversion. When there is transfer, from one person to another person, the transferor […]

Income Tax on Joint Development: Post amendment scenario

January 3, 2020 17181 Views 8 comments Print

The concept of joint development agreement is common now a days because of its advantage of bringing together of both landlords and the developer. The landlord who has land with insufficient funds to develop such land can reap the benefit of current market price after the development. Always the price for developed property is greater […]

Taxation of Partners

February 5, 2019 64773 Views 3 comments Print

Introduction:- In India, partnership firm is a very popular method for doing business. The income tax Act has recognised the firm as a type of assessee and has incorporated many provisions with regard to taxation of firm and its partners. Taxation on partner at the time of admission:- The partner at the time of joining […]

Taxation Aspects of Charitable Trusts

June 19, 2018 225267 Views 60 comments Print

Charitable Trust is meant for public service and not for profit. Hence the Honorable Government has given exemptions in the form section 11 and 12. It will bring lot of tax benefits to the trusts and it can utilize the funds for its objectives. From the assessment year 2018-19 onwards, filing of return is to be done within the due date to claim the benefit section 11 and 12.

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