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Advantages of ChatGPT in Professional Life of Chartered Accountants: Revolutionizing Finance, Accounting, and Taxation

June 10, 2023 3264 Views 0 comment Print

Advantages of using ChatGPT for Chartered Accountants (CAs) in financial reporting, tax planning, financial planning, auditing, MS Excel automation, and email writing. Enhance your services with AI-powered ChatGPT.

Save income tax on Salary Income

January 22, 2023 6426 Views 1 comment Print

Maximize your income tax savings on salary! Learn how to pay zero taxes and claim a full refund of TDS deducted under Section 192. Explore salary structures, deductions under Section 80C, 80D, 80E, and more. Make informed financial decisions for a tax-efficient financial year-end.

TDS u/s 194R i.e. TDS on providing benefit/perquisites

July 16, 2022 2397 Views 0 comment Print

Understanding Section 194R: TDS on providing benefits or perquisites. Learn who is responsible for deducting TDS and when it applies.

NFT and its mechanism and taxation on NFT’s in India

January 7, 2022 7743 Views 6 comments Print

What is NFT? NFT means Non Fungible Token. Yes that’s it. Goodbye. Oh no it is more than that, first we will understand the meaning of Non Fungible. Well, it means something that cannot be exchanged for another item because of its uniqueness. For Example- If Mr. John has a unique monalisa art it means […]

Techniques to tackle hostile takeover

December 30, 2021 1731 Views 0 comment Print

In Today’s corporate world, one of the most talked topic is Mergers and Acquisitions which is now become an integral part of business strategy. Many Company’s Acquires another company to gain the market share in the economy and to gain synergy or to avoid the competition.

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