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Over 1.5 crore Income Tax Returns Filed : Infosys

During the month of September, on average, more than 15 lakh unique taxpayers have logged into the portal, daily, and over 1.5 crore returns have been filed till date....

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Key Action points to be considered before filing GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B of September 2021

Finally, after facing every step of hurdle during past financial year, the final goal of every taxpayer is to assess their business records and analyse and correct the mistakes made during the past financial year either through GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B of September, 2021, following the end of financial year, being 2020- 21 Section 110 and [&hel...

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Export Policy of Mercury amended from ‘Free’ to ‘Restricted

Notification No. 31/2015-2020 - DGFT [S.O. 3954(E).] 23/09/2021

Export Policy of Mercury has been amended from ‘Free’ to ‘Restricted’ with immediate effect. The export will be subject to obtaining Prior Informed Consent (PIC) from MoEF&CC. MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (Department of Commerce) (DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE) New Delhi, the 23rd September, 2021 Notification No. 3...

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Amendment in Export Policy of Betel Leaves

Notifications No. 30/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 3953(E).] 23/09/2021

Export of Betel leaves to European Union is now subject to registration with SHEFEXIL, the designated Competent Authority for issuance of health certificate instead of APEDA. MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (Department of Commerce) (DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE) New Delhi, the 23rd September, 2021 Notifications No. 30/2015-2020-...

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Eligible services and rates under SEIS for FY 2019-20 notified

Notification No: 29/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.3948(E).] 23/09/2021

List of eligible services and rates under SEIS for services rendered in the FY 2019-20 is being notified. A limit on total entitlement under SEIS has been imposed for service exports rendered in the period 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020, and capped at Rs. 5 Cr per IEC. Further, it has been notified that the facility to […]...

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Extension in Export Obligation period of specified Advance & EPCG Authorisations till 31.12.2021

Notification No. 28/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.3945(E).] 23/09/2021

Another option to avail extension in Export Obligation period till 31.12.2021 in case of specified Advance Authorisations and EPCG Authorisations is provided without any composition fees subject to 5% additional export obligation on balance exports to be fulfilled..This is in addition to EO extensions facility (upon payment of the composi...

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GST- Must do Before September 3B filing

September is very crucial month from Annual GST compliance Perspective, as September’s 3B filing date is the last chance to rectify the Input Tax Credit & Output GST Liability pertaining to financial year 2020-21. In this article an attempt has been made to elaborate “Must do Things” before filing 3B of September 2021 to be [&he...

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CAIT request Karnataka Govt to not to ban online Indian games

Game of chance is pure gambling and should be rightfully banned. However, by including games of skill in the ambit of the bill, it has not only gone against established jurisprudence by the Ho'ble Supreme Court and Karnataka High Court but threatens the thriving Indian gaming startup sector....

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Continuous application with the interest to protract litigation is not sustainable in law

S. Karthik Vs N. Subhash Chand Jain (Supreme Court of India)

S. Karthik Vs N. Subhash Chand Jain (Supreme Court of India) Fact- The main issue involved in the present matter is that the auction sale of mortgaged property which was continuously blocked by the guarantors on some pretext or other. Ultimately Indian Overseas Bank disposed off the property via auction sale by way of a […]...

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Patent Fees For Educational Institutions Reduced by 80%

Benefits related to 80% reduced fee for patent filing & prosecution have been extended to Educational institutions as well. Centre has notified the amendments to the Patents Rules in this regard....

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