Over 3 crore Taxpayers Successfully Complete Transactions. 1.5 crore Income Tax Returns Filed

Infosys is committed to making rapid progress in further streamlining end-user experience

Infosys (NSE, BSE, NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today shared further updates on the progress it is making on the Income Tax E-Filing Portal.

Over the last few weeks, the portal has seen steady increase in usage with taxpayers’ concerns being progressively addressed. Thus far, over 3 crore taxpayers have logged into the portal and successfully completed various transactions. Even as the portal makes sustained progress with crores of taxpayers successfully performing transactions, the Company acknowledges the difficulties some users continue to experience and is working expeditiously, in collaboration with the Income Tax Department, to further streamline end-user experience.

Man hands filling Income Tax Returns tax form

During the month of September, on average, more than 15 lakh unique taxpayers have logged into the portal, daily, and over 1.5 crore returns have been filed till date. Over 85 percent of taxpayers who have filed their returns have also completed their e-verification, largely through Aadhaar OTP authentication. The portal is facilitating over 2.5 lakh returns filing on a daily basis and ITR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 are now available for filing. A majority of the statutory forms have also been made available online. Several critical statutory forms like 15G, 15H, EQ1, 10A, 10E, 10IE, DTVSV, 15CA, 15CB, 35 as well as TDS Returns are being filed in large numbers. More than 11.5 lakh statutory forms and over 8 lakh TDS returns have already been filed. Taxpayer services such as e-proceedings, response to notices and demands, e-PAN services, DSC registrations, and functionality for legal heir, have also been enabled. Over 16.6 lakh e-PANs have been allocated. 4.3 lakh DSC registrations and over 3.44 lakh e-proceeding responses to notices have also been completed.

Even as it makes steady progress, Infosys recognizes the ongoing challenges faced by some users and has engaged with more than 1200 taxpayers directly to better understand their concerns. The Company is focused on rapidly resolving these challenges while working closely with the Chartered Accountant community to ensure that a comprehensive set of user scenarios are supported and thoroughly tested before deployment. Infosys remains committed to making rapid progress and has currently dedicated more than 750 resources to this project to complete significant portions of work, in collaboration with officials from the Income Tax Department. Infosys takes pride in partnering with the Government of India and continues to work closely with various departments to accelerate the digital evolution of the country’s technology capabilities.

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  1. Pushpa Amraji says:

    Refund order for AY 2020-21 dated 14.01.2021 sent by CPC Bangalore to SBI for refund of TDS deducted inspite of submitting Form 15 .I was informed through above mail that SBI will refund the amount.Even after eight months , neither amount is credited to my account nor pay order is sent to me.Sent three mails to CPC but no response.Sent mail to SBI , no.response.Yesterday called.customer.care.no.of SBI and I was informed that they do not have pending at their end. Ab kyakare.Pushpa Amraji

  2. S J Kanyalal says:

    On 24th Sept, was trying to pay tax using debit card. But it shows ” Status – Failure” – it has been occurred twice and both time the account were debited.

  3. Krishna Mohan Rao A N says:

    Since I had sent my ITR with 10 E but mismatch it . Again I paid IT by my E pay .i hope my refund it to me in few weeks. Thanking you

  4. Shiv Kumar Verma says:

    Initially there were problems in the tax portal.However now I did not find any difficulty in filing my tax return from USA.I could not file my tax return from the old portal as some other software was required & I had to depend on my CA . I had to send all information to the CA then he used to prepare & send it to me for checking then I used revert back to him for corrections. After that CA used to call me at the time of filing for OTP. It used to be hell of a Lot of problems.With the new portal not only I could file my tax return I filed the revised return also without any difficulty. So I am very happy with the introduction of new tax portal as I don’t have to depend on my CA. Gradually I hope air other problems shall be sorted out. However I feel the timing of introduction & introduction without ensuring satisfactory functioning was not correct.

  5. S R Bhat says:

    My efforts to make e. Payment on 22nd and 24th Sept 2021were unsuccessful. Challan 280 for non. Company and self assessment tax failed repeatedly, first for icici debit card everything went on well but finally, challan printed with remark ‘Status: FAILURE’. Then tried with SBI debit card. Strangely, it asks SBI account number, card defails and ATM PIN also. Before giving full details encountered “session time over’ . There is no countdown timer displayed. Three times, it happened. Total failure. Why should it ask SBI account number and ATM PIN that is confidential.


    In my HUF ITR I have seen it is in the Acknowledgement that it is successfully e-verified; but in Dashboard the Tick Mark on “Verified” is MISSING

  7. D Nageswara Rao says:

    Intimation order u/s 143(1) is not available for downloading from processed ITRs. And status showing Under processing for processed ITRs.
    Grievances are not clearing from so many days, then where to give our problems …

  8. CA Manojit Ghosh says:

    Infosy Ltd has claimed that near about 1.5 crore assessee has filed their ITR for Ay 2021-22 and this news has been published today’s newspaper gladly. But the problem of filing and time taken to file ITR has not been given. So many practitioners are complaining the glitches of ITR filing site. After putting figures in the online, it is going vanished after some time and after some days. If any one wants to submit ITR in new Tax structure scheme, he is not able to put the date and acknowledgement of Form-10-IE. As a result, he could not file the ITR and so many other things which we are facing day to day. Infosy Ltd. assured our Hon’ble Finance Minister that by 15/09/2021, all problems will be solved. But solution till now. We enjoyed a good IT site till AY 2020-21. We do not know for what good purposes, new site has been developed and we are facing problem last 4 months.

  9. Saideswar rao mittapalli says:

    in my experience on i.t portal last 4 days , face some problems just like up load return but not show in view filed return and also no download filed returns and logging also problem and moreover eve generation Shows pan aadar not linked try to link systems show aredy linked aadar

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