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HC grants Anticipatory Bail to Accused for alleged availment of illegal GST ITC

Manmohan Lalman Agarwal Vs State of Gujarat (Gujarat High Court)

Role of the applicant No.1 is coming out in generating of fake and fabricated documents availed or to make other availed and illegal input tax credit causing huge loss to the revenue....

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GST on additional facilities provided with accommodation services

In re Sri DMS Hospitality Private Limited (GST AAAR Karnataka)

In re Sri DMS Hospitality Private Limited (GST AAAR Karnataka) As regards the taxability of the charges for the additional facilities provided by the Appellant to Sodexo Food Solutions, it is seen that in terms of the agreement, the Appellant charges an amount of Rs 1,22, 893/- towards the following facilities:- (i) Washrooms and toilets ...

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HC rejects Bail application of alleged GST evader accused of running bogus business

Govind Agarwal Vs State of U.P. and Another (Allahabad High Court)

It has come on record that the applicant's firm was found indulging in running business from bogus address and a huge transaction is shown to have been done without there is any such big transaction reflected from the account of the firm....

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GST – Good and Simple Tax- A Myth!!

Leave apart the frequent changes in the GST law by way of notifications and circulars which have made compliance very complex both for the businessman as well as the tax professionals. Certain sections in the law itself is not in favour of the common traders. The FM in her parliament speech had said there are […]...

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MCA invite Comments on Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020

Public comments are therefore hereby solicited on the draft Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020. Copy of the CLRC Report, Competition Act, 2002 as well as Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill may be accessed at the web link mentioned below and comments, if any, may be submitted online therein by end of business hours on 06th March, 2020 posi...

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Provisional Assessment Under GST Needs Reforms?

The provisions regarding the provisional assessment under GST is given under section 60 of the CGST Act and the corresponding rule is given under Rule 98 of the CGST Rules 2017. Let us begin the discussion with the note that why the provisional assessment is  needed at all .The Sec.60 of the CGST Act 2017 […]...

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Liability of directors of Private Company in liquidation for tax dues

LIABILITY OF DIRECTORS OF PRIVATE COMPANY IN LIQUIDATION FOR PAYMENT OF TAX DUES Section 179 of Income Tax Act, 1961, provides that, where any tax due from a private company in respect of any income of any previous year or from any other company in respect of any other income of any previous year during […]...

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‘Access card’ printed & supplied based on contents provided by customers- supply of goods

Access card printed and supplied by the appellant based on the contents provided by their customers is supply of goods and is rightly classifiable under HSN code 4901 10 20 under the description brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter whether or not in single sheet. The access card printed and supplied by the appellant attracts [&h...

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TDS Section 194M

What is Section 194M, Reason for the introduction of Section 194M, What is the meaning of ‘work’, ‘contract’, and ‘professional services’ in Section 194M, Who has to deduct TDS under section 194M, When can one deduct tax at source under section 194M, Rate of TDS under Section 194M and What is the time limit on […]...

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Preparation For New Export Remission Scheme: Remission of Duties & Taxes On Export Products (RODTEP)

A New Scheme Remission of Duties & Taxes on Export Products (RoDTEP) is being drafted by The Ministry of Commerce to replace the existing Schemes. The Ministry is deliberating with Trade & Industry and has already issued circulars for Trade to propose to them on the suggested benefits for their Industry.  It is the right time for Trade &...

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