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GST: Composition Scheme, Anti-Profiteering Measures & Issues In Valuation

The Government of India with the 101th Constitutional amendment has brought a pathbreaking tax reform, Goods and Service Tax (GST), which has simplified the erstwhile indirect tax regime which was mired into multi layered taxes levied by both Centre and State Government and is a cure for all ills of existing indirect tax regime....

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Board’s Report -Ready Reckoner (including amendment under Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017)

Article explains Board’s Report – Ready Reckoner (including amendment under Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017), Additional Compliance For Listed Companies Under SEBI (Listing Obligations And Disclosure Requirements) Reg, 2015 And Punishment For Non Compliance Of Section 134  Of Companies Act, 2013. Sl. No. Section under Compani...

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Chhattisgarh VAT: SCN issued after three calendar years from the date of Original Assessment Order are invalid

M/s Kishan Lal Vs Additional Commissioner Of Commercial Tax (Chhattisgarh High Court)

M/s Kishan Lal Vs Additional Commissioner Of Commercial Tax (Chhattisgarh High Court) In the proviso (a) to sub-section (3) of Section 49 of the VAT Act an embargo has been created for the purpose that no proceeding initiating suo motu revision under Section 49 (3) shall be initiated after the expiry of three calendar years […]...

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RBI, ED and CBI looked upon as ‘guardians of citizens’ rights’ : Bombay HC

New Delhi Television Limited Vs RBI (Bombay High Court)

We are concerned in this petition with the actions of the RBI and the Enforcement Directorate, both of whom refer to the criminal proceedings launched by the CBI. Those in-charge of their affairs and those in power giving them directions ought to realise that nothing would be achieved if foundations and base of these institutions is shak...

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One Year Journey of GST (Article in Hindi and English)

The Journey of GST in India is now completing one year and it is the time to analyse the impact of GST on all the stakeholders viz. The Law makers- Government of India, The Taxpaying Public- the dealers and the professionals managing the GST- The Tax Professional, Tax advocates and the CAs....

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Section 80GG Deduction on Rent paid

Section 80GG allows the employee to a deduction in respect of house rent paid by him for his own residence. Such deduction is permissible subject to the following conditions :- (a) the employee has not been in receipt of any House Rent Allowance specifically granted to him which qualifies for exemption under section 10(13A) of the Act; (...

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Section 80E Deduction for Interest on education Loan

Have you taken an education loan to support higher studies of yourself or of your spouse, Children or for the student of whom you are legal guardian and you are not aware of the tax benefits that you are entitled to. Then here is a guide that will assist you to know tax benefits on education loans. These benefits help you to reduce the ov...

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People Legitimately Expect Antiquities like Kohinoor to be brought Back: CIC

B K S R Ayyangr Vs. Archaeological Survey Of India (Central Information Commission, Delhi)

The appellant sought information regarding efforts made by the Government of India along with the related documents and correspondence for bringing into India (i) Koh-i-Noor diamond, (ii)Sultanganj Buddha, (iii) Nassak Diamond (iv) The Sword and ring of Tipu Sultan, (v) The golden throne of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (vi) Royal Jade wine cup o...

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AAR cannot decide eligibility to claim Transitional Input Tax credit

In re NSL Mining Resources India Private Limited (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh)

In re NSL Mining Resources India Private Limited (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh)  1) Whether Excise duty , CVD and SAD paid on Capital Goods purchased prior to July 1st July 2017 on which CENVAT credit has not been claimed earlier, can be claimed U/s 140(2) of the CGST Act, 2017 in the absence of registration […]...

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ICAI launches Student Activity Portal

The Board of Studies has developed a Student Activity Portal to help its students to get themselves registered from anywhere anytime for various students programmes being organised by Regional Councils and Branches. ...

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