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Archive: 02 October 2017

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Appointment as Internal Auditors of IFCI Limited

October 2, 2017 1587 Views 0 comment Print

IFCI Ltd. was set up in 1948 as first Development Financial Institution of the country named as The Industrial Finance Corporation of India, a Statutory Corporation to provide medium and long term finance to industry. After repeal of IFCI Act in 1993, IFCI became a Public Limited Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956

GST Dassehra : firing out problems in GST!

October 2, 2017 2328 Views 0 comment Print

Arjuna, Yesterday itself we have celebrated Dassehra. On the Dassehra we do combustion of Ravan i.e. of evil activities. Similarly there are certain troublesome and difficult provisions in the GST. They are to be combust by the Government and taxpayers should be freed from the tragedy.

Exposure Draft Guidelines for Independent Assessment of Statutory Actuarial Valuation

October 2, 2017 948 Views 0 comment Print

The insurers carrying out Life, General and Health insurance business need to value their insurance business liability every year by Appointed Actuary of the insurer. This is also applicable to the Reinsurers operating reinsurance business. As per the existing Assets, Liabilities and Solvency Margin Regulations the Appointed Actuaries of the insurers are solely responsible for the insurance liability number incorporated in the Balance Sheet.

15 Recent FAQs on GST – Replied by GOI

October 2, 2017 42759 Views 18 comments Print

1. Due individual freelancers working for US client require GST Registration? Yes, as it is a interstate supply, registration is compulsory under section 24(i) of CGST Act, 2017 2. Service provided, GST on which is to be paid by receiver under RCM in which column this amount to be reported in GSTR-3B? You are not […]

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