Subject: – Calling of Tender for Digitization of Manually filed Service – Tax Returns pertaining to Service Tax-I, Mumbai  Commissionerate

The Service Tax-I, Mumbai Commissionerate is inviting quotations from experienced Service Providers/Contractors having vast experience in the field of data management for capturing below mentioned fields from the manually filed ST-3/ST-3A Returns in Excel format. The data will be submitted to the department in CD.

a)                            Sr.No

b)                            Name of the assessee

c)                            STC code No

d)                            Return for the period

e)                            Date of filing

f)                             Services

g)                            Taxable Value

h)                            Notification claimed

i)                             Value of exemption notification

j)                             Service Tax Payable/Edu Cess/ S&H.Edu. Cess

k)                            Service Tax paid through money/GAR-7/Edu Cess/ S&H.Edu. Cess

l)                             Service Tax paid through CENVAT/Edu Cess/ S&H.Edu. Cess

m)                          Total service tax paid/Edu Cess/ S&H.Edu. Cess

n)                            Difference in duty

o)                            Other amount paid

p)                            Total Cenvat credit availed

q)                            Total Cenvat credit utilized

2                              Rate per Service Tax Return should be quoted for above mentioned work. Number of returns that will be data entered in a month is to be specified. Work order would be given subject to rate per return and number of return a firm can capturein a given period i.e. a month. Approx, 30,000 returns have to be capture.  Tender may be given to multiple service providers on the basis of location and workload.

3.                            The ST3/ST-3A Returns would be handed over to approved service provider  and the feeding work is to be executed in divisional office only. Returns cannot be taken out of office premises. Service provider will arrange for his own Laptops, Computers, CDs etc. In no circumstances the data captured or any other data of the return is to be shared with any other individual or concern which will be otherwise treated as breach of trust. The space would be provided for installation of computers and capturing ST-3 return. Verification of data entered would be done by a person of service provider, other than who has captured the data.

4.                            The sealed tenders shall be addressed to “office of the Commissioner of Service Tax-I, Mumbai, 5th floor, Central Excise Building, 115, M.K. Road, Churchgate, Mumbai-400 020.

5.                            The bidders are required to submit two bids i.e. Technical and Financial. In the Technical bid, the bidder will provide data as per Annexure ‘A’ and they shall also undertake to follow the conditions mentioned therein. In the Financial bid he will submit the quotation for his charges. It should be written boldly on top of both the envelopes as ‘ TECHNICAL BID’ AND ‘FINANCIAL BID’. Both the envelopes should be submitted in a single sealed cover duly addressed and superimposed with words ‘QUOTATIONS FOR TENDER FOR DIGITIZATION OF SERVICE TAX RETURN’’ on top. The service provider will be short listed on the basis of their technical competency and amongst them; bid with lowest quotation will be normally approved. As the number of returns are quite large, if necessary more than one bidder may be approved for the task.

6.    The payment would be released, subject to successful completion of the works as above only.

7.  THE LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF SEALED TENDER IS  08-02-2012 TILL 12.00 hrs.  Bids received later than the stipulated date and time will not be considered under any circumstances.  This office reserves the rights to reject any tender, even the lowest one, without assigning any reasons thereof.

8.   The tender offers will be opened on 08-02-2012 at 15.00 hrs. in the presence of the purchase Committee.

9.  The tender details are also available on www.servicetaxmumbai.gov.in





F. No.I/ST-1/HQ/ACES/CFC/2011

Mumbai, the  18th      January  2012



(Technical Bid)

Information  (Individual/Company) :-

Name of the Individual/Company

Date of formation of Company/ Firm

Nature of Company-Proprietorship/Partnership etc.

PAN Number (copy enclosed)

No. of Qualified staff

Facilities like number of Computers, Laptops etc

No of persons that will be deployed for work

Number of Returns that will be data entered in a month

Undertaking :-

1              I/We would maintain an inventory/register of the manual filed ST3/ST3A return collected from field office, data entered and ST3 /ST3A returned back, Division wise.

2              I/We undertake the responsibility for correct entry of the data as per the manual return on excel sheet.

3              I/We would be responsible for collecting the manual ST3 returns from the nominated groups in the Division under proper listing and receipt thereof. After data entry of the said ST3, we would return back the ST3 returns to the concerned group. Work will be undertaken in respective divisional office and return will not be taken out of office premises

4              I/We undertake that information contained in the ST-3 would not be shared/copied and used for any other purpose

5              I/We undertake that in case of wrong feeding of ST3 return, penalty upto 5 times of the rate quoted would be deducted from the total amount due

(Financial Bid)

Sr.No Service Rate/Charges  per Return
1 Data entry of Manually filed ST3/ST3A Return

 I agree with all terms and conditions given in the Technical Bid




Name of Company/individual


Issued By –


5th Floor, Central Excise Building, 115, M. K. Road, Churchgate Mumbai – 400 020.

Tel No.:022 – 2206 0619 Email : servicetax_mumbai@yahoo.co.in Fax No.: 022 – 2206 0618

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  1. nagarjuna says:


    now e-filling of st-3 became mandatory. we have filled the return wrongly in online. And same we revised the return in online which is also wrong. Can you help in this regard. how to correct the return ( First Half of 2011-12) .
    When we approached the dept thru our auditor they are demanding something. can we send the correct return thru register post , requesting to update the data?

    please advise in this regard how to correct the first half return in online.

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