Joint Council of Action
Income Tax Employees Federation &
Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association


Dated: 18th March, 2020

The Chairman,
Central Board of Direct Taxes,
North Block, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Preventive measures for containment of the spread of Novel Corona virus (COVID-1.9) w.r.t employees of I.T. Department – regarding.

Kindly refer to the above.

2. Risks to employees of IN. Dept, due to spread of Corona virus (C0VID-19)

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in China and subsequently around the world including India, Government of India and the State Governments have issued several advisories, initiated many preventive measures and imposed restrictions, closures invoking certain acts to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus in India. Personal hygiene including adoption of certain practices, social distancing and quarantine or isolation in suitable cases (including self-isolation) have been suggested as key measures for containment of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, especially as India is in the third stage of the disease’s spread. Any lax at this critical juncture would prove to be a catastrophe much bigger than that being faced by Italy. considering the density of population in daily travel to & fro office in all major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennal, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad. etc.

In our Department, administration in certain regions/stations is definitely trying their best by providing personal hygiene material to the employees, initiating round the clock effective cleaning and taking other measures as per Government guidelines. But several offices across the country are alarmingly lagging in this regard_ However, such efforts will only partially address the huge risk faced by the employees mainly because of the risks during their travel to & fro office and visiting persons. Being a public department, it is not possible for the employees to maintain social distancing while in office. Besides, more than 95% of our employees commute to office using public transport and Govt. advisories are suggesting to avoid public transport as far as possible.

3. Measures Taken by Other Organizations for containing the spread of the Virus 

Considering similar threats, educational institutions, theaters, malls and other places with public contact have been directed for closure in most of the states till a certain period to minimize commutation in public transport & ensure social distancing. For same reason, several organizations have allowed its employees to work from home.

4. Measures required for protesting employees of our Department

Under the circumstances, to ensure safety and well being of employees of Income Tax Department, your goodself is requested to kindly consider the option of directing the closure of Income Tax offices across the country till 31.03.2020 or any other date, as deemed fit, especially as our Department is not providing any essential service as far as health emergency is concerned. Besides, there are provisions in the law for extension of time barring dates under the current situation, we think that such a decision would be the most appropriate in the larger public interest, considering the alarming effect due to spread of the said virus in other countries like China, Italy, UAE, Europe, etc.

CBDT through Hon’ble FM can suggest to the Union Cabinet to declare that F.Y. 2019-20 will end on 30-04-2020 instead of 31-03-2020 and F.Y. 2020-21 will commence from 01-05-2020 instead of 01-04-2020. For this an Ordinance can be brought which will be welcomed by one and all in the country. Tax measures taken by countries across the world to tackle COVID-19 crisis is enclosed for ready reference and emulation by CBDT.

We further request you to kindly direct the Pr. CCsIT of all the regions to extend all possible support to the employees and Officers in terms of supplying sanitizes, soap, mask, thermal scanner at the entry points of each office premises etc., ensuring round the clock effective cleaning, restricting the entry of visitors etc. on a war footing basis. Further, Pr. CCsIT attention may please be drawn to the DoPT advisory dtd 17-03-2020 in this regard, especially to grant leave liberally to those employees & Officers who seek any kind of leave in this scenario.

Yours truly,

(Ravi Shankar) (Rupak Sarkar)
Joint Convenors

End. As above.

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    Is the extension for all purposes or only purposes of investment etc., to avail deduction/ rebates U/s.80 of the I.T.Act., I mean that whether I have to draw financials for the 15 months period or for 12 months period


    Please clarify the extension of time to 30/06/2020 whether it is a 15 months year for all purposes i.e., we have to draw financials from 01-04-2019 to 30-06-2020 or we have to draw financial upto 31-03-2020 but time limit is given only for investments U/s.80

  3. Amitava. Sarkar says:

    If I deposit the amount in PPF a/c on 1st April 20 to 5th April 20 under 80C then it will be included in which F. Y either 2019- 20 or 2020-21. Please suggest and confirm.

  4. ezlumalai says:

    we can postpone the financial year closure after the covid-19 comes to end and normal life starts only . If the financial closure extends then the exemptions should be given proportionately ie if it extends for 3 months then the exemptions like 80c,80d, should be upgraded.from 1.50 lakhs to 187500 like wise basic exemptions should be increased from 5.00 lakhs to 6.25 lakhs.

  5. Ramachandran Chandru says:

    Extension of one month for closing the financial year will have a cascading effect on all aspects right from accounting and payment of tax. This is not viable for practical reasons, but time frame can be extended for obliging the trade compliances right from payment of tax and filing of Returns.

  6. Vinay Agrawal says:

    In my personal as well as professional view, the period of financial year should not be changed, only the relevant compliance dates should be relaxed. Changing the financial year will create a whole lot of chaos and confusion. The reason is that now a days almost all business entities are using some or the other ERP system, wherein the definition of financial year (opening and closing dates) are hard-coded. On one side changing these hard coded dates will require huge IT cost and may also be error prone. No body will be able to cope up with the chaos and mess created in the ERP systems, if the financial year dates are changed.

  7. jayesh says:

    Instead of Change in Financial years, it will be better to change in due dates of all statutory returns. Change in F.y. will create confusion and so many changes in every aspect related to financial year. So
    it is not favorable to any assessee.

  8. Ashok Jain says:

    How the pvt business run if all shut down how he will pay salary and other expense as every customer will not sent money as it is all closed govt should solve the issue

  9. Gopal das Gupta says:

    *It will be better to extend ts finance year till next announcement, because no one knows when corona disturbance will solve. Or for time being
    30.04.2020 may please be declared*

  10. vswami says:

    To ADD:
    “…..Tax measures taken by countries across the world to tackle COVID-19 crisis is ENCLOSED for ready reference and emulation by CBDT.”

    ENCLOSED- not to be found ? That should have been made available for anyone to get to know what really are the ‘tax measures’ taken by other countries to tackle COVID -19 crisis to stand a proper comparison !

  11. vswami says:

    Is not the ‘ASSOCIATION’ asking of and expect the CBDT / FM to do something impossible/ impracticable’ to the core ?! ; obviously blatantly oversighting mainly that some of the BUDGET 2020 proposals are intended to take effect from April 1, 2020 ?!

    For a dilation, view the Post on FB .

    OVER to …

  12. Prakash Chandak says:

    Further to my comments just earlier, the tax saving schemes investment upto 30/04/20 be treated as for ending 31/03/20. Financial year change made lot of difficulties. All other Returns date can be extended.

  13. S.K.Mallick says:

    In order to invest in NSC/Tax Saver FD etc to get the rebate under 80C for the FY 2019-20, the last date of acqueiring these investments should be extended by one month immediately due to prevailing situation of the country.

  14. Srinivasan says:

    The proceedings u/s 263 is under progress. Which gets time barred on 31.3.2020. If the asst year is changed to 30 04 . It will be good! As I will have time to represent it properly

  15. CA. Partha Chowdhury says:

    No sense in doing that, rather it will create practical problems. Rather extending due dates including time limit for appeal etc be done.

  16. Navnit kacha says:

    In my opinion,whatever obligation to be done by 31.3.2020,be extended to 30.4.2020,otherwise lot of administrative problem arise

  17. Ramkishan yadav says:

    Extension of date is a good suggestion rather than change of the f.y which will create lot of problems now & in next year also.

  18. Chandrakant Mamdapure says:

    We want All due dates e.g. GST, ITAX Professional Tax, Scrutiny assessment etc. Not a Financial Year Change. Financial Year changes creats More and more complications.

  19. R. K. Tekriwal says:

    Let the yr end on 31/03/20 as usual(for calculating income tax/gst) but for submitting pappers/returns, depositing tax amt/any registration renewal fees be extended upto 30/04/20 & accordingly the next FY start as usual

  20. Dayalan says:

    Due to coronsvirus we are not able to move away from home to take tax saving fd or other instruments like NSC etc.,
    Hence we request the concerned authorities to extend the time limit from march 31to April 30th.


    In my opinion all due dates in Direct Tax/Indirect Tax/Statutory laws including Vivad pe Vishwas scheme should be first extended to 30 04 2020 and thereafter depending on the situation than prevailing.


    In my view all dates in the Direct taxes/ Indirect Taxes and other applicable laws which requires to submit/ filing of Returns/Forms etc by 31/03/2020 should be first extended to 30/04/2020 and there after, if required, depending on the situation than prevailing.

  23. Yatin shah says:

    I think year end should ve 30th june..insted of march..covid 19 is in 3rd stgae 4th and 5th bhi aayega and in every industry is semi lockdown so this yr.balance sheet is not transparent if u give sufficient time to bussinessman and industry it will help to everybody so pls 30th june is better instead of 31stmarch ending

  24. Sunil Chhajed says:

    Dear Taxguru, shifting the year by a month will create more complications. Instead the return submit dates should be postponed as per the requirements.
    Also looking at the loss incurred to every individual or entity ,some tax relief should be given.

  25. Bishwanath Bhuwalka says:

    I my opinion all the dates for filing income tax papers / purpose which will be due on 31.03.2020b may please be extended to 30.04.20, keeping the year ending on 31.03.2029 only.otherwise many practical problems will arise. Thanks.

  26. BR says:

    Education courses of study & tests are being done online. Poor, rich &other students must buy Computers&accesories, pay fie Services by Telecom cos &HEAVY GST on costs of these & repairs. Govt must not tax them but must exempt them from GST IMMEDIATELY & NOT BE THE TRADITIONAL OPPORTUNISTIC EXPLOITER. LET US LIVE. GOVT MUST NOT KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG.

  27. BR says:

    Calculations of Income, Income Tax, other taxes, Investment to get Tax rebate, Savings, etc., would have been made for the year ending 31.3.20. If the FY is changed what will happen to those. Annual accts will gave to be redone & submitted to audit & Returns to be filed for 13 mths ? How to adjust & loss or excess of income, tax, savings, etc. ? Will the next FY be for 11 mths or 12 mrhs?

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