ITBA-OLTAS Instruction No. 1


ARA Center, Ground Floor, E-2, Jhandewalan Extension

New Delhi – 110055

F.No Pr DGIT(S)/ADG(S)2/Sign ff-OLTAS ITBA/173/2017

Dated: 07.08.2019


All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/ CCsIT (By Name)
All Principal Director General of Income Tax / DGsIT (By Name)
All Principal Commissioner of Income-tax/CsIT/CsIT(Admin & CO) (By Name)

Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Migration of OLTAS functions to Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) — Reg.

Kindly refer to the above.

2. OLTAS module of ITD has been migrated to ITBA. The functionality for Search and Modify Challan in OLTAS Module is available in Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) as per the following details:

3. OLTAS Module can be accessed in ITBA by entering the following URL in the browser:

The path for the same is: ITBA Portal → Login → Modules → OLTAS

4. Search and Modify Challan — This screen facilitates the user to modify the challan details. This screen will replace the following functions being performed on ITD-OLTAS earlier :

  • Local Suspense claiming
  • Local valid PAN Correction
  • Global Suspense claiming
  • Global Valid Pan correction
  • AY/Minor head/Major head correction
  • TAN / PAN correction

5. Following steps have to be followed by Assessing Officers (AO) for modification of challan details:

a. AO can search the challan either through PAN and AY or CIN based (used in case of suspense challans).

b. AO can either modify PAN or Major Head/Minor Head/AY.

c. After searching, click on View Details/Modify to view challan details or to modify the details of a challan.

d. On Challan Details screen, click Challan Details to view the details of a challan and click Modify to make correction in the challan.

e. AO has to enter the data in correction request (i.e. either New PAN/TAN or Minor/Major head or AY) and submit the request for approval of relevant authority as described below:

  • Approval from Range head will be required in the following cases:

> For Challans deposited before 01.04.2007

    • Correction of any challan attributes

> For Challans deposited on or after 01.04.2007

    • Modification of PAN of challan
    • Change in major head from 20/21/26 to 32 or vice versa
    • Change of attributes in wealth tax (major head 32) challan
  • Approval from PCIT through range head will be required in the following cases:

> Change in attributes (PAN, Major Head, Minor Head, AY) of challans having Minor Heads

> Change of Minor head of normal challan to Minor Heads 108/109/111/112

  • In case the challan is having a “Wrong PAN” (a valid PAN) which is with the other jurisdiction and correction has to be made in the PAN by the “Correct PAN” jurisdictional AO, then the request will be made by the Correct PAN AO and these request will flow to the AO having Wrong PAN jurisdiction and subsequently the approval of Range Head of AO will also be required.

6. Other functionalities of OLTAS will remain in ITD till the deployment in ITBA and will be informed in due course.

7. Training material including user manual, help content and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available on the OLTAS Module Home Page and on ITBA Portal Online Training on ITBA. Users can refer to these documents in case of any issues.

8. Users are advised to contact helpdesk in case of any issues in respect of the ITBA.

a. URL of helpdesk – itba.[email protected]

b. Help desk number — 0120-2811200

c Email ID — [email protected]

d. Help desk Timings — 8.30 A.M. — 8.30 P.M. (Monday to Friday)

9. This issues with the approval of Pr DGIT(S).

Yours faithfully,

(Sanjeev Singh)
Addl Director General (Systems) -2

Copy to:

1. The P.P.S to Chairman, Member (Administration), Member (Inv.), Member (IT & C), Member (R & TPS), Member (A&J) & Member (Legislation), CBDT for information.

2. The P.S. to Pr. DGIT(S) for information.

3. The Web Manager of website with a request to upload the Instruction.

4. ITBA Publisher (ITBA.[email protected])for with a request to upload the Instruction on the ITBA Portal.

(Sanjeev Singh)
Addl Director General (Systems) -2

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